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Agreed Danny, and AWESOME link there Rog. I've bookmarked it for deeper perusal this evening.

And here's the latest initiative by our clearly 'femnazi' govt's in the Atlantic Provinces...

Touted as a 'anti-bullying site for teens' in the news article linked below, yesterday; www.cybersafegirl.ca went live to mark the 'First International Day of the Girl'.

While I fully agree with educating young girls about what's appropriate to do on the internet, and what sorts of actions will lead to trouble, I think that some education for the boys could be useful too on an even level. Especially considering tragic events like Amanda Todd's recently and numerous others. That website could be more balanced and focused on bullying, in light of both boys and girls and ways to foster a mutual respect for each other online, rather than exude the feeling of an anti-pedophile site.

I'm still trying to get over the fact that each province has a 'Minister Responsible for the Status of Women', and that my tax dollars pay their salary.


So create one.