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Thread: Canadian Association for Equality

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    RE: Canadian Association for Equality

    I'm a CAFE member. I think it's a great organization but needs a lot more in terms of financial donations and volunteers.

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    RE: Canadian Association for Equality

    Quote Originally Posted by pbw

    This men's group is really taking the bull by the horns. Especially in Universites, it is trying to get Male Studies and Men Centres created. I would encourage all those interested in Men's issues to support this group -- they seem to have made some serious in roads -- and shovelling the gravel.
    Something they should do more is protest,

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    RE: Canadian Association for Equality

    Quote Originally Posted by jason
    Equality Canada's site has been rated as highly untrustworthy on Web of Trust: please help fix it by going to and rating them.

    I have WOT installed and it didn't give me a warning. I even went to google and googled "equality Canada" so I could click on the google link and it still didn't bring up the WOT blocker that shows 'this website is blah blah blah' Usually a high untrustworthy website will bring that up and give a go onto the site knowing the risks, or no thanks take me back.


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