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Thread: Black ribbon day?

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    Black and white is good

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    Are we going to do anything about White Ribbon? We need to go through the site with a fine toothed comb, and expose them. I would be part of a task group. If we don't do it, who will?

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    we could offer out black and white ribbons on the day and have fact sheets ready and ideally stand just down the street from the mangina's and feminists handing out theirs

    OR we could go after the ones handing them out and aim for the men handing them out by asking them questions like "so how many women did you rape before you were TOLD that rape was wrong?" or "so when did you stop beating your wife?"
    Bonus points if you ask questions like this while they have more than one person around them seemigly buying it

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    Even this on a flyer.

    "The definition of violence against women. The study notes that it dismisses normal understandings of violence, and includes as violence anything that can leave a woman feeling

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    Ah but as we have seen whenever men rights start doing things in public the media will come

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    White Ribbon launch today. Please if you get the opportunity ask them if we still need to question, or the like.

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    I have to say, I'm rather fond of the indigo ribbon idea for various reasons. <.<

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    It's annoying that all these colours are taken, otherwise a black ribbon would be a great idea.

    What we should do though is design a T-shirt with a really clear and provocative slogan on it, and start wearing those proudly at protests and on "White Ribbon Day".

    Maybe something like "So violence against men is okay, then?" or "Why aren't you saying 'Stop Violence Against EVERYONE'?" It's provocative, addresses the crux of the issue and will make people reflect on their own bigotry.

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    RE: Black ribbon day?

    Now i want one of those shirts lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadizar View Post
    Sure, as long as it doesn't get confused with the Silver Ribbon, which ovarian cancer in Australia, gynecological cancer in New Zealand, stalking, dyslexia, and most often, best film...

    Remember, women are ribbon freaks, they've already come up with a thousand of the fuckers.
    Agreed. We don't need no ribbons!

    Seriously, using a ribbon would send the wrong message IMHO. We don't need to emulate them.

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