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Thread: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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    I'm around 40. I don't really care about that side effect. Some horniness would probably do me some good. At the moment, I have no motivation to pursue women, which is making me slack on keeping up a good appearance.

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    I've been diagnosed with hypogonadism. Apparently I'm going to need Testosterone Cypionate injections every two weeks for the rest of my life. This is kind of depressing news, but I am happy it wasn't a pituitary tumor like they thought it might be.

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    At least you know what's wrong and what needs to be done to correct it. Let us know if the injections improve your situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phobos View Post
    I've been diagnosed with hypogonadism. Apparently I'm going to need Testosterone Cypionate injections every two weeks for the rest of my life. This is kind of depressing news, but I am happy it wasn't a pituitary tumor like they thought it might be.
    I'd seriously consider NOT starting this treatment just yet. Simply because once started on testosterone replacement, your body will cease to manufacture any and you'll be a slave to the treatments.. but you've already eluded to that..

    what I would try, at least at first, before doing such a drastic treatment, is to try eating foods that force your body to build testosterone naturally. The best things for that are fresh red raw beet juice, nuts (not peanuts) and various other foods and vitamins and minerals... a simple google search will expose you to the foods you can start to consume to build testosterone naturally.. believe me it works. I've done a beet, kale, apple, and orange juice regimine with great success. The Kale does something a bit different though.. It causes the liver to extract excess estrogen in your body and expel it... The net difference between increased testosterone and a reduction in estrogen will bring great gains in your overall health...

    good luck.
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    In Mexico, walk into a pharmacy and ask for Androgel, testosterone pills. They aren't as powerful as the injections, but they also don't take a prescription. And, they are not linked with an increase in prostate cancer as the injections are.

    If you want your testosterone checked, walk into a lab and ask them to do it. You might have to hit the Internet to evaluate the results.

    Ditto for all the usual lab tests. You don't need no stinkin' doctor.

    As far as weight loss, the best way for most folks is still low carb. In my limited opinion, Atkins (my choice), or the beta diet, I forget what it's called, or Paleo, all are essentially reduced carb.

    But, all you need do is cut back on carbs, add a multi-vitamin and several calcium-D pills a day, a 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and the weight should come off, slowly.

    And, no, you do not need carbs for extreme effort activities, such as power lifting. It takes a couple weeks to shift your body from high carb to high fat diets. THE NEW ATKINS FOR THE NEW YOU is the current book if you are interested, and it includes information on Atkins curing diabetes type II, also on shifting to high fat for power lifting.

    If you are 50 pounds overweight, DO NOT let those stupid bastards get you out running and hurting yourself. Atkins induces a weight loss because as you eat more fat and less carbs, it is normal for your body to shift to burning fat, including your own, Without exercise.

    Atkins originally did not mention exercise, because he knew it was not needed to lose weight. The Monday evening quarter-backs threw such a tantrum, he added it to later books. Exercise is good for you, for many reasons. But, don't harm yourself by trying to exercise while you are still horribly obese.

    Walking is fine if you can avoid joint problems, with good shoes and walking modest distances on safe surfaces. If you have a large enough room or basement, like 60 feet long, you can walk in the house or apartment building. Walk down 60 feet, turn slowly (don't strain your joints) and walk back 60 feet. Do that 11 times and you have walked a quarter mile.

    This eliminates street crime and getting run down by a druggie driver or texter. Also, weather problems.

    Boredom will be a limiting factor. I have learned to do that loop in my Big Room, (70 feet long) while meditating on whatever I want, and counting laps with my fingers. Ten, then walk to the bar in the kitchen and note a 1 for a quarter mile, and take a drink of water (something special I need.) .I do it with some sort of rubber flip-flops my wife bought me. To walk outside puts me (at age 75) at risk of falling or hurting my joints on the rocks and uneven surface.

    If you develop joint problems, with walking, read up on bone broth, which is essentially made by buying bones from hogs or beef from a butcher or store and boiling them for say 24 hours, or with a pressure cooker or crockpot (if electricity is modestly priced where you live.)

    A cup a day or twice can really fix up an ankle or knee problem.

    If you wish, find a copy, new or used of RUNNER'S REPAIR MANUAL.

    One thing to look out for. No matter what diet or other thing you do, there will be young stallions who tell you, "Pooh! Pooh! I do this other thing and it works great."

    Yep, at 30 that may well work. But, unless the collapse coming any day now to a nation near you, kills you quickly, you will eventually get old. And, what worked at 30 may put you in a wheel chair when you are 50 or 60. Look around you and you will see what I mean.

    Traditional wisdom is to look at a woman's mother to see what she will be like when she is old. If you want to know what you will be like when you are old, look at your father -- if you have been allowed to know him. Unless you live totally differently, you will probably look like him when you are his age. MGTOW and other unmarrieds stand a better chance of not looking like their dad. Ditto for those who GTHO.

    But, the big thing is to know yourself. Do not just assume you will be different because you want to be different. Think long and hard.

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