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Cartoon idea - "the inevitable fate of Male Feminists"

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  • Cartoon idea - "the inevitable fate of Male Feminists"

    Here's my idea for a new cartoon (sorry, but I can't draw for shit):

    So you've got Michael Kimmel, PZ Myers, and David Futrelle, standing around talking together, each depicted with a human head on a praying mantis's body. And the Kimmel mantis is saying something like, "Gosh, I think we've finally proven how valuable we are to the movement [Feminism]".

    You also notice a human head tucked in the corner of the room they're standing in - it's Hugo Schwyzer, with X's drawn over his eyes.

    And as they're talking, you see another head roll in from the hallway, through an open door behind them. This time it's Charles Clymer, and he appears to be freshly decapitated.
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    Not bad. The praying mantis thing might confuse people. We could always have them be male Black Widow Spiders. Any even have a line at the end where a massive, hideous, bloated spider with Rebecca (Not-so-skep-chick) Watson's head on it telling one of the three hapless goons that his presence is required within the Chamber of Inquiry. Close on the poor bastard with a look of horror and comprehension on his face.
    I think black widows would work a lot better. When I see a mantis, I catch, play with and eventually feed and release it. Last time I saw a black widow I literally stabbed it to death with a stick in a frenzy of loathing and disgust... and I'm not even arachnophobic!. They're aggressive, toxic, and no one in their right mind would go near one given a choice.
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