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24 Awkward Dad Photos

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  • 24 Awkward Dad Photos

    So this page has 24 photos of families posing for a photo. Some of them are awkward, and justify the title. But many of them seem perfectly normal, if unusual, dads posing with their kid/kids/family. So I guess when I saw this on my Facebook feed, I felt like it was another "Let's Make Fun of Men!!" posts. Thus, I felt like it would be something people here might like to inspect. Beware! Seems like some people simply don't want dad in the picture at all!!! (pun intended)

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    "But many of them seem perfectly normal"

    I'd argue that. A few seemed perfectly normal. Some were pretty odd. But yes, it's fashionable to make fun of dads.
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      I would agree it is fashionable to make fun of dads, but from what I've seen, dads make fun of themselves all the time. My boyfriends dad, my dad, my friends dads, they're all goofy, funny guys who just...just get into antics. They are engineers, though, so that's probably more of a factor, but I digress. Some of these were "Uh...whut?" others "THAT GUY IS AWESOME." People on the whole are just...just very strange.
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        No big deal, it was funny.


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          17 oh wow...


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            Photos are very funny.