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Meme: Collaboration, not capitulation

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  • Meme: Collaboration, not capitulation

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    Great Meme, considering today is the 70'th anniversary of the end of WW2.

    The Collaboration, although not perfect, did help us win the War and give us
    30 years of plow shares, fairly secure times, and a great standard of living
    and tech advances in so many areas.

    Women felt cheated when they were asked to return to the the home so the
    soldiers would have their jobs to return to. They loved the jobs "Men" got to
    do and the pay opposed to being house wives.

    Then second wave Feminism pandered to these women who felt that they were soooo cheated and formed a Union for them that Men could never really belong to. Thus 40 years of capitulation with a civil war between the genders.
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