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Unsafe Yale Halloween

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  • Unsafe Yale Halloween

    The video below is scary. They are actually snapping their fingers instead of clapping. I didn't think that would occur in spontaneous gathering. I am triggering here, I need to go and shout at someone.

    Here is a shorter version:

    Last week, a massive controversy erupted at Yale over statements made by Nicholas and Erika Christakis, two professors who also serve as the heads of Silliman College, a residential college at Yale. Erika had sent out an email before Halloween criticizing efforts at the school to censor Halloween costumes, which sparked a massive backlash and calls for the two to resign as the heads of Silliman. That controversy led to a confrontation last Thursday, where a student screamed at Christakis to “be quiet” as he tried to explain his position, and then called him “disgusting” and said he “should not sleep at night” because of what he’d done.