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When it's time to Bug-Out

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  • When it's time to Bug-Out

    Most of us have known times when we just wish we could flee our circumstances. Leave it all behind. Some may think that this is a cowards way but that isn't always true. This would require being able to quickly execute a plan and equip ourselves to be ready to go. And it may require being able to do it on scant
    amounts of money. Can it be done ? Yes. And at little cost and with minimal possessions to carry with you.

    I just finished this webpage that showcases converting an older car as a "single person's RV" that one can travel and provide for a space to sleep in.

    A Bug-Out Car (with a high gas mileage feature) Too good to be true ?

    So if you get blind sided in a divorce with a team of divorce lawyers bearing down on you keep this in mind. Grab what you can and then Bug-Out !


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    I learned during my divorce of my first wife that sometimes we need to cut off our arm to save our life. As painful as it was at the time it opened many new doors. I like this idea...a new future, a new beginning with modest means. Very cool. thx.
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