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  • Ottawa?

    Is there any MA activity in the nations capital. I have not lived in Ottawa since 2007 but apparently looks like I will be moving back there in 1-2 years. Lets connect and poster parliament hill mothafuckaz !!!

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    Ottawa is my hometown, I try to visit a couple of times every year, when the weather is warmer. Set something up, and if I can, I'll schedule a trip around that time.

    BTW, from my experience, Ottawa could really use some attention. Feminist extremists dominate Carleton U, it's been a hotbed of misandry for literally decades.


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      University of Ottawa is currently the host of Elizabeth Sheehy, mad professor of law who thinks it is morally just for women to kill their husbands. She is one of the most prominent rad fem legal activists, linked to LEAF and The Elizabeth Fry Societies, interfering in court cases that will further the feminist agenda of making women unaccountable to the law.

      So, yeah. There's a few things that need to be done in Ottawa.


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        I've lived here all my life, and think it'd be great to see more being done in this city!


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          There IS Janice Fiamengo, though. Perhaps there could be collaborations with her?
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