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    NRK (Norwegian State Broadcaster):
    New study shows: Women not very politically interested on Facebook

    English study abstract: )

    Norwegian women like few Facebook pages about politics, according to a new Sintef survey

    Large gender differences

    Senior scientist at SINTEF (Norwegian Government's Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research), Petter Bae Brandtzæg, has in a study mapped which pages 20 million users like on Facebook. Initially he surmised that Facebook would equalize differences between sexes when it came to community involvement. That was not the case.

    Women of all ages are far less interested in politics and news on Facebook, compared with men. Only three out of ten women have any interest in politics, while seven out of ten men take an interest in this. The gap between men and women applies broadly, both globally and in Norway.

    Here in Norway, women are particularly disinterested, compared to other countries.
    This despite the fact that Norway is ranked high on the international equality index, says Brandtzæg.

    - So you'd think that they were the ones who were most active wrt. political interest on Facebook. But we fall pretty far down, on par with countries like Iran and Brazil, who are very far down on the Gender Equality Index, he said.

    Researchers believe this is due to the equality paradox - that women in modern countries choose traditional and therefore also stereotypical gender roles.

    - By and large men are overall more interested than women. But what we see is that when women are interested, they are interested in environmental and humanitarian organizations, and not so much in politics or information on news, says Brandtzæg.

    Defending the women

    On the other hand researcher Kari Steen-Johnson at the Department for Social Research disagrees that women are less civic-minded than men on Facebook,.

    - My impression is that Norwegian women make use of the freedom they have to express themselves, she says.

    She thinks this is probably more about women and men tending to have different interests. /.../


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    Originally posted by Manalysis View Post

    She thinks this is probably more about women and men tending to have different interests. /.../

    As does every single other concocted "gender issue".

    The women in the town I live in don't give a shit about feminist issues and very few care about politics. They care mostly about the things you'd expect so-called "traditional" women care about.
    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    ― Pythagoras