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    our biggest "pink-blogger" (girls blogging about shopping and cupcakes) with hundreds of thousands of followers posted a little gem.
    ot revolutionary, by all means, but there's still a little sparkle in seeing MHRM issues raised by C-list celebrities in our biggest news paper.
    The nugget is the question: "Where is this information retrieved from?" (or "Where is this information found/gathered?").
    It should be worked into every conversation with every non-MHRM person whenever they try a woozle.


    Impromptu, Google-T-assisted 'translation':

    " SOPHIE ELISE ISACHSEN, "pink-blogger"

    Imagine - a friend of you crying. A guy is mean to her.

    And then the annoying girl who always gives advice says:
    "But that's just the way boys are. You know, guys think differently than us girls. If he is naughty, it's just the way boys are. You must be hard to get with boys. Never have the last word when messaging. Guys don't like it. Never take the initiative. Guys like girls who do not give so much. Guys like girls who are cute and do not say much."

    No. No. No. No.

    Do you understand that you actually think for yourself? That you are not completely equal your girlfriends? Then it is not okay to say neither, or accept that someone presents such claims.
    Categorizations are necessary for people, and division into sex may seem commonplace. We are, after all, created as man and woman, with various hormones and various body parts. We are different physically, it is a fact we can't escape. It is nature's difference between the two sexes, and there are numerous studies that attempt to identify these differences.
    Throughout history, also the different strengths of the sexes have allowed them to survive and develop.

    Stifling stereotypes

    But I think gender struggle today is about the way we ended up having to categorize. For perhaps it was so that men at one time were better suited to take care of the family, harvest grain or go to war, but today this no longer is a relevant issue.

    So why are we still so keen to categorize what is male and what is female based on not only a body, but also actions and feelings? Yes, because in our society we have created so distinct sex categories that one can't move outside them.

    An example: Boys can't talk about feelings. Boys do not want to talk about emotions. Girls on the other hand are just feelings, and talking about feelings as if there exists nothing but hormones and PMS and menstruation and heartbreak. Girls are the only ones who feel the body pressure, girls are the only ones who have poor self-esteem, girls are the only ones who are oppressed and exploited sexually and girls don't really like sex, do they? Only guys do.

    This is so wrong.

    Celebrity differences

    Why is /famous football player/ Astrid S "a football girl"? Can't girls also like football? Why does nobody react when she is referred to as a football girl? If she was a boy no one would have mentioned it.

    And why is it okay that /local "Justin Bieber" popstar twins/ Marcus & Martinus, two boys 14 years old, are so much targets of teenage girl hypersexualization that it borders on the totally inappropriate, not to mention uncomfortable, without anyone raising an eyebrow? Had they been girls there everyone would have flipped out.

    We all struggle sometimes

    Suicide statistics for men is much higher than for women, but this you do not talk about. Only during the last year three people of my acquaintance have committed suicide. All of these were men. I know four people who have struggled with eating disorders - that I know of. Two of these are men. Two of these are women.

    I read the other day that "eating disorders are primarily a female problem." Where is this information retrieved from? Is it because men have been taught that they should not talk about feelings and that we girls on our girls' "before-party" and girl nights and girl shopping raids are talking to each other about boys certainly not having any feelings, they are not sad, they never struggle - they're just tough and cold?

    The truth is that we all feel and we all can struggle. Feminism for me today is not about the right to vote or equal pay, where we have already come a long way. It's for me right to twerk yet be smart, the right to be taken seriously without finding something sexual in everything I do, I will be able to take an education or perform well without hearing "good for a girl. " And I'm lucky, because many are fighting my fight with me.

    But who fights the same battle for the boys?"