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Friend is being recruited by New Zealand feminist org. Seeking intel.

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  • Friend is being recruited by New Zealand feminist org. Seeking intel.

    A friend of mine is being recruited by this group:

    Is there anyone form New Zealand on the forum who is familiar with the name and the organization? I would appreciate any info on their modus operandi, actual vs stated goals, and in particular any info that would help me assess whether my friend is in danger.

    Actually my friend (let's call her Dana) is being recruited by their leader Getrude Matshe personally, which is kind of exceptional because the organization is rather big and normally uses multi-level recruitment. It was just a coincidence that Dana's and Matshe's paths crossed (in Poland of all places) and Matshe saw my friend as a potential asset. She invited her to the Wellington conference (more on those conferences below) that will be held Nov 28 to 29. Dana is already in Wellington. I knew about these plans, and I have communicated my reservations about them to Dana and a few mutual friends. One of those contacted me yesterday, apologized for initially laughing my reservations off, and said she's worried.

    To be clear: I don't think Dana is in grave danger. She will probably come back with all her kidneys. She may be psychologically vulnerable though, and I'd rather not lose a friend to a parareligious feminist cult of female awesomeness, particularly not a friend who is positively humanly awesome.

    What I was able to discover so far

    HerStory Circle is either an earnest feminist movement/organization, a female empowerment scam, or something in between like an internal scam with cynical leader exploiting true believer members. Note that the most generous of the above three possibilities is still pretty bad. They organize "conferences" around the world, inviting speakers who deliver female supremacist glurge to paying audiences consisting of women eager to consume it. What sets them apart from most feminist organizations is their particular PR/recruitment schtick that seems to be based on New Age honey rather than radfem vinegar. They avoid any confrontational language. You won't find phrasing like "toxic masculinity" anywhere in their public communication. It's all sugar and spice and everything nice: love, empathy, empowerment, Ubuntu, healing, connecting, sustainable solutions, etc. etc., except all these good things are being implicitly associated exclusively with women: the better gender, the chosen gender, the gender that will save, sorry, "heal" the world. Bleurgh.

    Getrude Matshe is a successful (in the business sense) coach / motivational speaker and writer originally from Zimbabwe, currently operating from Wellington, New Zealand. For all I know, she may be a pretty big name in NZ. She has been involved in many "noble cases" in the past, often through entities that have words like "economic", "foundation" or "investment" in their names. Googling those entities by name has a big chance of taking you to webpages of various crowdfunding campaigns, like the one that funded Dana's trip to Wellington.

    As I said earlier, I would appreciate any info from anyone with prior/personal/local knowledge about this organization and those conferences. Evidence of an ugly face under that sugar-and-spice mask would be most useful.

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    uh... maybe consider finding different friends?