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    Alexander Economou has started a petition to change the anonymity laws on rape. As you may know, he was accused of drugging and raping a woman after deciding he didn't want a long term relationship.

    The police were slow off the mark but he secured CCTV evidence that proved she was lying. If he hadn't...

    My own view is that not only should there be anonymity before but that during the trial accusers should not have anonymity unless they are underage. Also there need to be special measures in celebrity cases. Max Clifford is currently on trial for a crime that is almost certainly imaginary, early next year the same witch-hunters will be dragging Rolf Harris back into court.

    The recent Cliff Richard case shows the police know full well what they are doing. Please help stop this madness by signing this petition. Also check out my false rape timeline.

    Please pass on

    and check out the false rape timeline