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The London Group (MRA organisation) looking for a cameraman

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  • The London Group (MRA organisation) looking for a cameraman

    Hi I'm part of The London Group. We are an anti-feminist, anti-political correctness, pro-mens rights collective. We give talks at Speakers Corner on these issues and publish them on you-tube. Here's our channel.

    We're looking for a cameraman to help out filming at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park corner, London. We go there once every two weeks. We're next going on the 18th September.

    I think our channel has a lot of potential because we're talking to people outside of the anti-feminism echo chamber. We're discussing issues to do with men's rights and anti-feminism. We're challenging opinions, sometimes having our own opinions challenged, and getting the reactions of Joe Public to these ideas.

    We're spreading awareness of the movement, finding out that a lot of people agree with what we're saying, and even winning people over to the men's rights movement. We're also normalising the idea that you can challenge feminism in public without the universe exploding.

    If anyone is interested in helping out please message me. Thanks, Ewan.