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I'm not laughing (Misandry in Comedy)

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  • I'm not laughing (Misandry in Comedy)

    [ Originally this was going to be a part on another post where I would explain how the myth of misogyny is what perpetuates both Feminism and Traditionalism, but as I was writing it down I cut this part out to make it a post on it own. ]

    Last night I was up watching Comedy Central (as usual) and they had a load of stand-up comedians, one thing that strook me was how literally every comedian had a large bit that was nothing but a storm/rant of misandry. A comedian who stated how good he was in arguing still had to go the stereotypical ''you can't argue with a woman'' route and basically painted arguing with a woman as playing chess with a pigeon... only the same tactics the pigeon would use in chess (emotional tantrums) were seen as ''brilliant strategies men can never emulate'', this irritating trend is something I've noticed since a child, I've always avoided watching most stand-up comedians because it's rare to find one who doesn't have a large misandric bit (though a few of those are female comedians who genuinely like men as opposed to most men who like mocking themselves, or most female comedians who sound like militant lesbians).

    Back during the 1990's there were a ton of Non-Hispanic African-Americans who constantly would do the same with Black people, as a Black person myself I always wondered what motivated these people to mock themselves this much, maybe I should give some back story to myself I live near the German border and watch a lot of German comedy, unlike non-German comedy many German comedians (when doing sketches in German) tend to mock themselves less (unless they're East-Frisian) and often tried to make the most humourous situation out of anything, but back in the day many Black comedians would always start bits with ''white men do this better than black men'', and ''white women do this better than black women'' and though that style has largely survived it's no longer as popular, I think the audiences after a while started to think that hearing the same jokes about the same demographics wouldn't be funny after a while, many nationality-based jokes often last a decade or so while misandric jokes stand the test of time.

    Also it's rare to find a comedy series on T.V. that actually has ''a dumb'' female character, at present the only one I can think of where they have female characters painted similar to male characters in other shows is Bob's Burgers, one excuse people often use is that many shows simply lack a large variety of female (voice-)actresses in their cast and this is simply not true even shows with female majorities tend to focus almost exclusively on mocking their male characters (think the Simpsons), honestly this has become the reason why I don't want to get a T.V. in the future and why if I'd buy one I'd probably limit the reception to Discovery Science or something similar to my children (don't get me wrong there is still plenty of misandry in many of those programmes and not to mention the plethora of misandric advertisements shown on T.V.)

    I honestly don't want my sons and daughters growing up in a world where misandry is so happily promoted in the media and I think that the moment the world learns to show empathy to male victims misandry in comedy will disappear, and I won't rant on about all the misandry on T.V. as a plenty have written about it and T.V. Tropes has detailed documents about this (and if you've seen some misandry that isn't listed there then feel free to go there and edit) but the problem is that many ''comedians'' will also laugh at men's issues.

    I remember several comedians mocking foreskins, a female comedian who claimed to be a heterosexual but was basically ''a militant lesbian'' constantly making statements about how ugly and dumb all men are started laughingly saying ''the moment a man is born they see his ugly penis and think, oh we need to cut a bit of that off'' often and in similar forms serious men's issues are being laughed at.

    Another example would be how men are viewed as pƦdophiles in society and many comedians would either paint this as ''a fair double standard'' or would use the zeitgeist to justify bigotry against fathers who show affection in public. Other than that a man losing his fortune in a divorce is often fair play as well, it's bad enough that men's issues exist to begin with but I hate that the present mainstream think that our problems are a laughing better, well...

    I'm not laughing.