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  • 18yo girl for mayor...

    Originally posted by Shad
    Great, a teeny bopper running for a political office; with no school political experience Not even a college degree, did she even take the business ed elective? She expects grown adults with serious stakes in the game, to trust her with the handling of multi-millions of dollars, when she hasn't even raised the capital needed for a campaign; and just managed to babysit her way into the fee to cast her name as a runner.

    Well, she can always "plausibly" state that the whole thing was a satire to get the youth interested. But she can at least have some solid grounds to make the other candidates stop and go, "hmmm."

    Tell me, she took public transit for 40minutes, now she walks; how long does it take her to... walk? I remember living in Edmonton, and the wife told me she would take the bus to work; one trip, she sent me a text, "2 1/2 hours, and longer to get home", that was all I needed to invest in a car for her, because her work was a 15min drive from home, and maybe an hour and a half to walk.

    Missy, you can't babysit a city. And as long as you're in office, your choice of sexual partners won't be private; if you haven't noticed, it's usually married people who take office. And you won't have a social life; their activities will reflect on your activities; this is why it's usually older folks who take office. Go ahead, activism your way into a forced resignation; YOU GO GIRL!!!

    AH gawd, my guts hurt now...
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    She should release a sex tape. That'll give her a big boost in exposure.

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