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Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks

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    RE: Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks

    Originally posted by AussieBloke
    I have had many experiences through school where the female teachers where openly feminist and discriminatory towards male students.
    It's funny that you should bring that up. I went to a Catholic elementary school and ALL of my teachers were female, either nuns or just regular female teacher. Nearly all of them expressed, quite openly a disdain for boys. They constantly told us that the girls were smarter and that they behaved better. I had such complex by the time I was in 3rd grade that I wished I was a girl. It also made me hate school, something that stayed with me for a very long time and as a result, I didn't get nearly as much out of my education as I could have. The only thing to counteract this in my life was my father, who was/is an extremely positive role model in my life, even today at 43yo.

    We need to have far more male teachers in the lower grades. Elementary schools, private or public are nearly entirely female and these women, feminists or not, don't know what it is like to be a little boy, only a man has that experience. Boys need men to look up to as well, besides just their fathers. They need positive male role models.

    White privilege is just like 'the patriarchy' for minorities!
    Womyn, to take the man out of woman, too stupid to know Y it's a bad idea


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      RE: Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks


      It goes deeper than that. Social justice demands equal results, not only equal access. Lets look at a common feminist argument, and MRA counter argument.

      The pay gap. If an argument can be made that a pay gap exists between men and women, and that said pay gay is wrong on the simple basis that women make feminine choices, while men make masculine choices is inherently discriminatory... That women should be granted things like... parenting stipends from the government. Paid maternal work leave, flex time in the work place, etc etc etc to equalize that pay gap.

      Then, the same argument can be made for boys in the grade gap. Again, in a school environment, for better or worse... Boys are entitled to be equalized in similar ways. Sports should be weighted to show more aggressively on their GPA. Boys should be given the choice of taking classes in a format that is more suitable to them. Additionally, I think boys could also benefit from just a flat out, school environment inherently discriminate against boys, GPA boost, the same way women are given a SAT and ACT boost on their college entrance exam test scores. These benefits should extend all the way through college.

      Also, we need to have several different tiers of retirement funding with regards to SSI. Women, who live much longer than men, should have a larger retirement age than men.

      Given the prevalence of mental illness among men, men also need more protection in the workplace from disability discrimination than women. For example throughout their lives women are given a large amount of protection in the work place when they become pregnant. But they also gain additional protection and days of sick leave for their monthly cycle (they have called these mental health days every place I have ever worked and virtually every woman I know takes advantage of these at least some of the time). I submit, that men need similar levels of protection when they become mentally ill. That as long as men can show a note from a doctor, that their erratic behavior is caused by their depression, or bipolar disorder, that they become virtually immune from firing.

      I realize that sounds crazy, but consider the lower tiers of the working community... Women are routinely granted days off from work for their feminine issues, and this does not impact their performance evaluation. But men do suffer a severe blow to their performance evaluations if they utilize their monthly sick day...