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Gender studies relocated in favor of...

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  • Gender studies relocated in favor of...

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    Women Against Feminism.

    Logic trumps ignorance, but emotion retards edification.

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    I was quite pleased by this story. In these hard economic times where jobs are difficult to get and many are lost, there may be a feeling that our country is in trouble and that it is hard for us to be patriotic. The best way of fighting our poor economy is to utilize things that affect us all, not just one gender or racial group. Feminist studies are less important than our founding documents because they are aimed at bettering the lives one gender. Gender studies, therefore, can not get us out of our national problems. However, our founding documents are aimed at and should affect all Americans. One move towards a better nation is for us to go back to those founding documents, study them, and apply them to our current difficult times.


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      maby they should add in some remedial English language courses cause I tired of feminists changing the definitions of words to fit their definition.
      "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle