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    Some fuckwit is giving politicians a dangerous excuse for low voting percentage. My comment is waiting to be moderated, so here...

    Originally posted by Shad
    Stupid idea.

    We vote to put the best head in state. We don't need to be experts; we do stupid shit all the time, and that's ok. For instance, we don't trust ALL dentists, just because they've been to school for dentistry. We generally choose reputation; but sometimes we just choose gender, because we'd prefer a woman's hands in our yap over a man's; it's not a correct method of dealing with one of the most sensitive parts of our anatomy, but as I said, we do stupid shit.

    Giving politicians an out such as this, is a dangerous idea. If only 30% of the population votes, than it's a sign to the politicos that they are failing to do their job!

    "Oh geez only 30% of the voting body bothered to vote, perhaps we should do something, ummm teach them basic politics and party-lines?"

    "Naw, don't worry about it, that 30% just represents the intelligent part of the voting body. Business as usual chap."
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