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Women are the best thing for Childrens safety

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  • Women are the best thing for Childrens safety

    Since Feminists say Roger Elliot was just a misogynist I say the following has nothing to do with Religion they were just sick and twisted Women.

    Talk about fucked up.

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    you are absolutely right, that had nothing to do with religion:
    Father Edward Flanagan, visited the land of his birth and was horrified by what he saw here, denouncing Ireland’s treatment of children in Church and State care as “a scandal, un-Christlike, and wrong”.
    as for it being about Sick twisted women you are also correct, just about All the cases of women abusing children (of which their is a great deal) feature a women raising children without the presence of the father.
    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle