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"Gender Pay Gap" in the News

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  • "Gender Pay Gap" in the News

    A fair article, I think, although it doesn't go far enough in evaluating whether different careers deserve equal pay. Refreshingly, it does note that not everyone agrees that the gender pay gap legitimately occurs, or when it does, how prevalent it is.

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    like I have previously said equal pay for equal work,(notice how that second bit keeps getting left off?) if you can prove that a secretary has done as much actual work as a groundskeeper.
    to figure this out we can use the amount of energy expended pushing a lawnmower vs the amount of energy expended typing.

    we can find the amount of calories burned for 150 pound person mowing the lawn is about 185 every 30 minuets
    while the amount of calories burned for that same person sitting typing is about 54 per hour or about 27 for the same 30 minuet period.

    of course calories spent does not mean more work was done hear it is in simple English
    you do work on an object when you exert a force on the object causing it to move some distance.
    knowing what work is we can quickly see that as a function of mass of an object moved vs force used to move it we can quickly see that quite a bit of work is required to mow a lawn, what about typing? the only object which is being moved are the keys so how much actual work is being done?
    If any one wants to do the actual math the energy required to press a key is around 1.5 millijoules
    at an average WPM (words per minuet) required for a secretary is between 55-80 (with a standardized 5 charterers per word)
    at the upper limit with a WPM of 80 a secretary is using about 36 Joules every hour.
    (1 millijoule = 0.001 joule so 1.5milijoules per charicter X 5 chariters per "word" X 80 "words" per muinet X 60 muinets in an hour = 36000 millijoules or 36 joules)

    since a joule is equal to the energy expended (or work done) in applying a force of one newton through a distance of one meter

    with the average mowing speed at about 1 acre per 115 minuets with a 21" walk-behind mower at about 4046 square meters in an Acre...

    I think we can safely assume a groundskeeper does more actual work than a secretary. especially since he would be doing more work just by moving himself than the secretary never mind the lawnmower. by god no wonder women aren't so good at math, the numbers always seem to refute their points.

    after figuring out the newtons for a 50 pound push mower or somewhere around the middle of the range and multiplying it by the square meters in an acre
    with some napkin math were looking at something in the order of a million joules over the course of an hour.

    judging by equal work for equal pay ether secretaries shouldn't be paid at all or groundskeepers need their pay increased by several orders of magnitude.
    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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      Appreciate your effort put into the calculations, but I think here we should consider an actual profit an employer gets from the work of his employee, and there are more variables to consider there.