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BBC decides there is something wrong with US currency

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  • BBC decides there is something wrong with US currency

    Now the BBC is raising awareness of how US currency "needs to be changed" to have more women on it.

    On behalf of everyone in the UK I apologise for funding this feminist propaganda organisation with my (mandatory) license fee. As soon as they stop sending people (i.e. men) to jail for non-payment, I will stop paying it.

    Strange. I have just watched 5 seconds of a BBC news program with a 100% female panel and female presenters. And no one was complaining about the men being excluded...
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    I would suggest the following names: Susan B Anthony, Sojourner Truth and Frances Perkins. Iqra Khan, Lahore, Pakistan
    Uh... We already have Susan B Anthony on a dollar coin.


    Click here to read all about it Iqra Khan!

    We also have a gold leaf dollar coin of Sacagawea


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      might as well, soon they won't have any value anyway then it won't matter who's face is on them.

      who knows maby this is what it will finally take to get people to stop accepting debt to the "federal reserve" as an acceptable bases for currency.
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      "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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        Yes you are right there Jack with the seemingly endless QE.


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          Currency also needs gender tokenism.