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Congresswoman claims harrassment from colleagues - won't name names

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  • Congresswoman claims harrassment from colleagues - won't name names

    "Gillibrand: Male colleagues called me ‘porky’ after baby"

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been called a “honey badger” and “porky” by an array of slobs in the hallowed halls of the House and Senate, but the New York Democrat has laughed off the sexist slights and pushed back at her boorish colleagues.
    HONEY BADGER?! Huh? I...I highly doubt they were using that term in its proper context.

    In a new interview with People magazine to promote her new book, “Off the Sidelines,” Gillibrand recounts one incident when she was once working out in the House gym during renovations of the women’s facility.
    RED FLAG - She's promoting a book. MAJOR red flag...

    "Good thing you’re working out, because you wouldn’t want to get porky!” one of her older male colleagues said. Her response: “Thanks, a—hole,” she said in an excerpt from her book.

    An unidentified southern congressman once held the former upstate House member’s arm while walking her down the chamber’s center aisle. “You know, Kirsten, you’re even pretty when you’re fat,” he told her.

    After she dropped 50 pounds and got elected to the Senate, one of her favorite older senators walked up behind her, squeezed her waist, and intoned: “Don’t lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby.”
    Hmmm....funny how these men don't seem to have names. You know, those words people use to identify themselves, and differentiate from one another...

    You'd think if a fellow elected official had bothered her that badly, then she wouldn't hesitate to tell us EXACTLY who it was, wouldn't you?

    By digging up tales of sexism and piggish behavior, Gillibrand is taking a page from Hillary Clinton, who frequently invokes the “glass ceiling” in her political speeches. One of the senator’s top issues has been combating sexual harassment in the military and on college campuses.
    Oh wow, that's a new one - a legislator who regularly wages a 'righteous crusade' against a non-existent, vague, amorphous threat facing Americans. THAT's never happened before. COUGH:mccarthy.

    And are we surprised that THIS is the same kind of person that casually throws out anonymous accusations of sexist comments from her male colleagues, in an attempt to trash the behavior of the entire gender?

    I'll reiterate again - If she was really the ultra-empowered savior of the oppressed women of America, as she touts herself to be, you'd think she wouldn't hesitate for a moment at calling out her personal harassers BY NAME. Funny how that's not the case...

    AND of course HuffPo had to take it one step further:

    It seems that Gillibrand's male colleagues could not make up their mind about her appearance. In 2010, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) referred to her as "the hottest member" of Congress at a fundraiser.
    Well, have you ever LOOKED at a cross-section of Congress right now? Not a whole lot going for them in the 'looks' department. You should probably take that as a compliment, and move on. Besides, that's probably the nastiest thing Harry Reid has EVER said to ANYONE, milquetoast old stick-figure that he is.

    The New York senator is not the first to point out sexism in the halls of Congress. When former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) made the infamous comment about women learning to "control their libidos," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told HuffPost Live that she hears comments like that from her male colleagues all the time.

    "This is a statement so from the past that I'm almost embarrassed for him, but understand it doesn't stand out as anything unusual from what we hear our members say here," Pelosi said. "You don't have a long enough show for me to go into what you hear around here from the members of Congress."
    Again, how about some fucking names, huh? Your accusations don't really hold much water, if you can't even name ONE specific person, despite your rush to sweeping generalizations about male Congress members.
    The Duluth Model is incomplete and outdated; It's time we replaced it with a Superior Model...

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    Don't worry, "Off the Sidelines" has an appendix of salacious quotes from various named politicians. Such as:

    "Hey Michelle, how 'bout we invite Bill over and make an Oreo cookie?" - Barack Obama to his wife
    "Wanna feel my magazine-clips?" - Diana DeGette advocating for gun control
    "You climb obstacles like old people fuck!" - Joe Biden while watching Kirsten Gillibrand exercising


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      Political conspiracy thought here.

      Looks more like a grab for publicity to be either a potential 2016 VP candidate or a token contender to Clinton, just to show they aren't forcing the issue for Clinton. She loses, Clinton takes the lead, and Gillibrand will be offered the VP slot. Rather elegant ruse.

      From her Wiki page:
      -Attended an all-girls high school in Upstate New York.
      -B.A in Asian Studies at Dartmouth
      -UCLA School of Law (a first tier law school)
      -Defended Phillip Morris Tobacco, which earned her a senior associate in her law firm
      -Leader of the Women's Leadership Forum for the Democratic National Party

      She demonstrates a picture of a woman who can have it all: a career, family, marriage. Everything feminists say everyone can have.

      And now she cries harassment. Being able to defend big tobacco and a card carrying feminist? Why do I suspect that she will be high placed in a presidential office if the Democrats win the White House?


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          If you can stomach listening to it, here's the oh-so-insightful analysis of this story from the Young Turks:

          Here's the best comment on the video, from Mouse Frank:


          He's absolutely right. These people are so biased it's painful to watch. They pretend to be these 'supremely enlightened' liberal thinkers, but they're just as biased (or more so) as the people they criticize, half the time. All the negative assumptions about men, and all the positive assumptions about women - that they can do no wrong, it permeates everything they say.

          Here you have a group of adult human beings, all in unanimous agreement that you should just AUTOMATICALLY trust any woman that makes an allegation against men - even ones she won't address by name! Not one voice of dissent among them. Just amazing.

          And of course Ana has to throw Mika Brezinski under the bus, because she had the AUDACITY to disagree with the Sisterhood, this one time.

          At one point, one of them actually says that he believes in the widespread occurrence of sexual harassment of female congress members, by male congress members, because HE SAW IT ON 'HOUSE OF CARDS.'

          ?????!!!! How do you even respond to such PHENOMONAL stupidity?? They even brought up 'Mad Men' at one point. Jesus Christ, it's fucking FICTION, you imbeciles! Are you telling me that you literally cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality? That's sure what it sounds like to me...

          The good news is that MRAs seem to be catching on, and swarming into the comments section, whenever one of these ridiculous, misandrous videos gets put out. They need to get used to it - they're not going to be able to just run their mouth off like that all the time anymore, without being called out on it. 
          The Duluth Model is incomplete and outdated; It's time we replaced it with a Superior Model...


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            Just telling lies to get publicity to sell her book. Who will buy it, the exact same people who it was intended to be written for. Special little oppressed snowflakes.
            Ephesians 5 "Husbands, Love your wives like Christ loved the Church". (Wives, give your husbands something to love).
            "Wives, RESPECT your husbands". (Husbands, give your wives something to respect.)

            For a man does not truly feel loved unless his wife, mother, and children display respect to him.

            "From each MAN according to his abilty, to each WOMAN according to her need"... Allison Tienemann

            "Feminism is a HATE group... Feminists are HATEFUL people"... Mr. e

            "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."... Ronald Reagan


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              Great writing style Jarred.

              And I am also seeing more MRM's in a lot of comments of these crap videos. I'm one of them


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                Did anyone catch the interview with Jon Stewart she had on the Daily Show? Made me want to vomit, this coupled with his anti-Japanese rhetoric a month or so back is making it harder to watch.

                Was just pathetic the way he sucked up and didn't object to her BS generalizations.

                I wish there was an easy way to obtain transcripts since I don't care enough to type it up.


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                  @tyc, was it this one?

                  Your Dawn listens, my Lord! Let all the Aurbis know itself to be Free! Mehrunes is come! There is no dominion save free will!


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                    Originally posted by tyc View Post
                    Did anyone catch the interview with Jon Stewart she had on the Daily Show? Made me want to vomit, this coupled with his anti-Japanese rhetoric a month or so back is making it harder to watch.

                    Was just pathetic the way he sucked up and didn't object to her BS generalizations.

                    I wish there was an easy way to obtain transcripts since I don't care enough to type it up.
                    Was the Japanese thing a reference to the woman arrested for trying to make 'artistic' replicas of her vagina? It's been awhile, but I can vaguely remember that they covered that.

                    And yes, I saw the segment this week, and it was indeed a stomach-churner. Stewart is a classic Mangina in every sense of the word - he's been taught by his Marxist Feminist buddies that women have LITERALLY been an oppressed class of human beings throughout history, and that the only way to reverse that is to make sure that women always make up exactly 50% of any given population of human beings, whenever, and in what context they ever gather as a group.

                    So there he sits, giving a career ideologue attorney/politician a full 20-minutes to spout her toxic bullshit, and give her free publicity for her stupid propaganda book. All the while, he sits there and nods like a trained puppy waiting for his next treat.

                    And of course they even managed to throw Ray Rice into the mix, the bunch of craven, opportunistic vultures...
                    The Duluth Model is incomplete and outdated; It's time we replaced it with a Superior Model...


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                      I can believe some senators talk like that. Kennedy jumps immediately to mind. So she whines about the drooling comments of other low-life dems, but knowing her audience will assume she is referring to the other side of the aisle.
                      But, when you look at Pelosi and other fem congress critters, you gotta wonder how sex starved these anonymous male senators are? Physical relations with these ladies would be suitable punishment for very serious crimes. Its highly likely those comments she quoted were made up out of thin air, in an attempt to establish she is attractive. Uh-huh. Even shit is flies.
                      Heck, Bil Klinton had my admiration for fathering a child by broomhilda! Felon though he was, he was a braver man than I!
                      I couldn't have done it with a razor at my throat. Some things are truly worse than death.


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                        Stewart did it again last night. Talked about Joe Biden's legacy, and brought up VAWA as one of his biggest achievements - non-ironically - to which there was instant applause from the audience, of course.

                        They even played the clip of Biden's idiotic White Knightery about how it's 'Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER the woman's fault'. And of course THIS was presented as an ADMIRABLE thing also.

                        Then they transitioned to talking about Biden's recent gaffes, using the antiquated and un-PC words 'shylock' and 'the Orient'. Stewart made it explicitly clear that the humor was to be derived from the INCONSISTENCY between Biden's BAD comments, and his GOOD actions (VAWA/defending women).

                        Umm....actually NO, Stewart. Those two things are, in reality, COMPLETELY consistent with one another. The terms he used were indeed outdated and frowned-upon in modern society. But what's ALSO outdated is the incredibly rigid Traditionalism and Chivalry, with which he uses to justify for his persistent placing of ALL women on a pedestal, without ANY possible exception.

                        You think Biden is a 'modern, enlightened, FEMINIST thinker'? Bullshit! He's a classic Traditionalist, through and through. And he's living proof of how inexorably LINKED the seemingly contradictory philosophies of Feminism and Traditionalism are. All a guy like Biden has to do is randomly wander into a Feminist conversation, and he immediately feels at home!
                        The Duluth Model is incomplete and outdated; It's time we replaced it with a Superior Model...


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                          Maybe some people use honey badger to mean annoying or boisterous or confrontational or stupid. Like the sidekick in Lion Guard. Fearlessness is not always a compliment.