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feminism why you so dumb 2.0

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  • feminism why you so dumb 2.0

    my god feminists why do you think everything has to do with reinforcing men being bad.


    as you may have seen she says that these ads take the worst "MALE" traits and reinforce them. my oh my i dont think i need to say anymore you all get it? shes a misandrist and should probably be added to if she isnt on there already. ok im gonna go do that see you soon
    you want your name in The Song of the MRM? You think it should end with us killed by some Feminist raider with no name?

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    RE: feminism why you so dumb 2.0

    With her left hand she would claim to be a ally and with her right, she would destroy men with her hatred for us.

    She isn't against sexism, otherwise she would be anti-feminist.
    Behind every failure is a excuse.


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      RE: feminism why you so dumb 2.0

      And what about all the adds that degrade men?

      Another case of liking to dish it out but can't take it.

      This bitch needs to suck it up.
      \"No wonder I\'m not in a relationship... I\'m not childish enough to handle being in one.\"


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        RE: feminism why you so dumb 2.0

        Amanda Sarkesian is the bane of human stupidity. lol at the vote disabling on her videos as well.