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  • Sample output from BBC in one day

    These are all stories featured on the BBC website in a single day, 9th October 2014;

    Dog Breeder "wanted women put down":
    Ex-RAF officer guilty of sex abuse:
    DJ "Raped girls in flat near nightclub":
    #100Women: who would you choose:
    Ladies Rugby team hit back at "sexist" leaflet:
    Universities ignoring "laddish" culture:

    You can let our esteemed and impartial national broadcaster know what you think of them here:

    [email protected]

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    what do you expect from the Bitch Broadcasting Company?
    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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      I can sum up my feelings about the BBC with this: "Fuck the BBC." I am sick of their relentless bias and bullshit. The latest thing to piss me off with them is their piece on radio 4's Today programme examining why the British people fail to see the benefits of Brussels. The thought that perhaps Brussels might not be a good thing for Britain was not examined, only why the British public fails to see that it is.
      Bunch of socialist wankers, IMO. And riddled with kiddie-fiddlers too, judging from Operation Yewtree.
      Gender is a grammatical distinction and applies to words only. Sex is natural distinction and applies to living objects.


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        I always thought it amusing when my American friends would tell me that they don't watch their own "biased news networks" and instead get their information from the BBC because it's more reliable. Ha.
        “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
        ― Pythagoras


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          The weird thing is, in some ways, the BBC is more reliable, in some ways. They have their own incestuous politics, and their own leftist party they lie for and proselytize for, but do not care about ours. So it is entirely possible to get extremely honest news from them about us. Our emperor has no clothes and they have no skin in the game, so no reason to lie. Here we are too near-sighted to even glance abroad, convinced its all about us and the world revolves around us.