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BBC allows comments on a gender issue

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  • BBC allows comments on a gender issue

    Finally. Please pile in. This one is on equal pay.

    I don't see much about industrial deaths, cancer screening programs or the male victims of DV on the BBC.

    Interesting how the comments were initially unmoderated, but now all the top rated comments are turning out to be pro-MRM and anti-stupid, the comments have become moderated.
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    Sounds the usual one that women choose the easier work, then complain they get paid less. In a previous job I could have earned higher wages, but I chose an easier job that paid slightly less. Not surprisingly I was one of only 3 men (out of just over 20 working the full rota) doing the job I did. The harder work was 100% female. We even did a days transfer (so that the sales and admin staff and the warehouse and distribution staff could understand the others job better to try and reduce mistakes) and most of the men said they would transfer to the offices if they could afford the pay cut, and the women said they much preferred working in the offices.