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Ads and the male libido

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  • Ads and the male libido

    Jeff Atwood, a skilled software developer and co-founder of StackOverflow and StackExchange, has written a post back in 2009 on advertising to the lowest common denominator. In this post, he covers real advertisements seen on the net for one particular game: Evony. He describes how the ads became progressively more raunchy, eventually settling on this.

    The marketing campaign was directly, and shamelessly based on the presumption of male horniness.

    Since this post was written some years back, I was not planning to say much about it here. But, just the other day I ran across this when surfing.

    Note that these ads are NOT found on porn sites. They appear on video game communities and humor sites.

    This is pretty blatant stuff. It makes me wonder if the developers made games so horrible they have to appeal to a male stereotype to get any traffic.

    Oh, and don't get me started on Axe body spray ads.

    Am I the only one who is bothered that the male libido seems to be a fallback cornerstone for getting attention? I'm suspecting there will one day be a car ad with nothing but jangling keys sporting a pair of tits on the keyring.

    What are your thoughts?

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    RE: Video game ads and horny men

    What bothers me more is that male sexuality is so taboo that men being aroused by something is considered "raunchy" or its "advertising to the lowest common denominator," basically saying that if you like sex you are the bottom of the barrel.
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      RE: Ads and the male libido

      Sex sells, no surprise. I don't mind my libido being used for advertising, but I DO mind ads that star walking stereotypes, men and women both, who are completely ridiculously stupid, suzy homemaker, or the dad that fucks everything up.
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        RE: Ads and the male libido

        On the one hand, this is quite simple: If the advertiser insults me I won't be buying their product.

        However it sets the tone, reinforcing the idea that a man only thinks with his dick. But since that panders to many women's prejudices, who as a group control most discretionary spending, is this some round about way of bidding for female cash?

        As a tongue is cheek observation, at least jangling keys and a pair of tits would be a welcome break from the endless 'CGI cars do synchronised air swimming' ads which seem to be standard these days.


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          RE: Ads and the male libido

          One click for a Roman Orgy...

          Click... Click... Click, click, click, click, click, click, click!!!!

          WTF! Were the hell is my Roman Orgy, the bastards lied!

          What can men do against such reckless hate?


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            RE: Ads and the male libido

            Ah, Evony. From what I understand it comes bundled with malware and is basically a scam. It also used to be called Civony and ripped graphics and descriptions for buildings/units from the Civilization games.

            Amusingly, I only know one person who played Evony for while - a female classmate of mine who happened to be a professional model.
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