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    A compassionate article on males for a change at the Punch (Australian Murdoch media)
    Have you ever been accused of being a pervert or a paedophile? A bloke sitting near me in the food court was.

    It could happen to anyone. Photo: Herald SunIt could happen to anyone. Photo: Herald Sun


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    RE: Article: Here

    This is disheartening to read, but at the same time it's good to see people acknowledging the "every man is a potential predator" sentiment as the paranoia that it is. Had it been me, when asked for my camera I would've simply said no and gone back to my meal. Rent-a-cops aren't police and have no authority over me.
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      RE: Article: Here

      Shit doesn't surprise me at all.

      I have a beard, which for some reason makes me an automatic pedophile to some morons.

      I was studying to become a teacher in an earlier life, I was sick of the funny looks from parents, and constantly being reminded "how to behave" made me fucking sick!
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