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SJWs turn on one of their own. Iced tea and popcorn, anyone?

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  • SJWs turn on one of their own. Iced tea and popcorn, anyone?

    The problem with revolutions is the fall of one of the self-proclaimed messianic figures. In this case, Brianna Wu (who somehow elbowed her way into Gamergate as a central figure, then laughed all the way to the bank with a Patreon account when she started to feel the fury of the Gamergaters), who has made multiple media appearances as part of the Gamergate situation publicized that she had coffee with a pro-Gamergate figure, and that it actually ended with a peaceful accord instead of accusations of privilege and the calling out of shitlords.

    Since she disclosed it on Twitter, the tantrums from SJWs on Twitter and Reddit have been legendary. Whereas most followed her blindly and unconditionally until this, the backlash has been almost seismic. I think the last time I saw people turn on someone so fast was Susan Smith

    At one point in time, her Patreon surpassed a $4500 monthly goal. She's now just over $3450 and this is still developing.

    It's taken six months of waiting. It's taken six months of taking a lot of shit from people. It's taken six months of watching anti-Gamergate e-celebs prance around and fill their coffers, as they claimed that women were being attacked and built their whole movement around that.

    And now, they've turned on one of their own and they're attacking as SJWs abandon her in droves and stick more knives in. I guess it's no longer about exclusively harassing women, as the anti-Gamergate crowd is doing the same thing they've claimed to have been supporting victims of.


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    In the comments I read: "Hey' She's not allowed to grow up!"
    Whatever happened to that Quinn girl?


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      I love how so many of the SJWs are saying "I never liked her anyway!".
      I don't think I've enjoyed an online drama so much since Peach very publicly shat on Coughlan.
      Schadenfreude is my favourite vice. ;-)
      Gender is a grammatical distinction and applies to words only. Sex is natural distinction and applies to living objects.