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lesbian Premier promotes new $41-million sexual violence legislation

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  • lesbian Premier promotes new $41-million sexual violence legislation

    Ontario lesbian Premier claims 1 in 3 women subjected to sexual violence ,new $41-million sexual violence legislation

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    Another hoaxed up "crisis" to justify huge funding and government sanctioned and funded persecution of males


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      Here's the commercial

      There's not a penny for men.
      I hate to say this but Ontario deserves the financial ruin it will get under this Liberal government. We voted her in when we already knew she was as crooked as they come.

      We can sit back and watch the economy crumble while this SJW concerns herself correcting already debunked myths.
      “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
      ― Pythagoras


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        Any mention of lesbians in lesbian couples being the highest concentration of domestic violence? Didn't think so.
        Yes, yes, yes: NAWALT, NAWALT, NAWALT.
        NAZHS (Not all zebras have stripes)
        NACHS (Not all cheetahs have spots)
        NAWIW (Not all water is wet)