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Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists

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  • Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists

    Excerpt from the Huffington piece exposing the Wage Gap Lie!

    If you believe women suffer systemic wage discrimination, read the new American Association of University Women (AAUW) study Graduating to a Pay Gap. Bypass the verbal sleights of hand and take a hard look at the numbers. Women are close to achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work. They may be there already.

    How many times have you heard that, for the same work, women receive 77 cents for every dollar a man earns? This alleged unfairness is the basis for the annual Equal Pay Day observed each year about mid-April to symbolize how far into the current year women have to work to catch up with men's earnings from the previous year. If the AAUW is right, Equal Pay Day will now have to be moved to early January.

    The AAUW has now joined ranks with serious economists who find that when you control for relevant differences between men and women (occupations, college majors, length of time in workplace) the wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing. The 23-cent gap is simply the average difference between the earnings of men and women employed "full time." What is important is the "adjusted" wage gap-the figure that controls for all the relevant variables. That is what the new AAUW study explores.

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    RE: Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists

    Feminists have exposed the lie several times already. I'm waiting to see how long the AAUW lasts before it's disowned too.
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      RE: Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists

      Feminists love beating a dead horse. "It's 6.6%!!!!!!"

      They had to lie to squeeze out 6.6% but they'll never admit that. Honesty, responsibility and integrity are not found in the feminist dictionary. I'd guess they'll be fightin to keep the aauw alive until flies are cleaning the last bits of rotting flesh off her bones. Even then they'll probably just keep at it, oblivious to the hopelessness of the situation.

      If interested, you'll find some more on the wage gap here (along with the article you've posted): Earnings Gap -stats warehouse

      Pass this stuff around if you get the chance.

      What's great about that article by Hoff Sommers:

      "...Furthermore, the AAUW's 6.6 cents includes some large legitimate wage differences masked by over-broad occupational categories. For example, its researchers count "social science" as one college major and report that, among such majors, women earned only 83 percent of what men earned. That may sound unfair... until you consider that "social science" includes both economics and sociology majors.

      Economics majors (66 percent male) have a median income of $70,000; for sociology majors (68 percent female) it is $40,000. Economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Manhattan Institute has pointed to similar incongruities. The AAUW study classifies jobs as diverse as librarian, lawyer, professional athlete, and "media occupations" under a single rubric--"other white collar." Says Furchtgott-Roth: "So, the AAUW report compares the pay of male lawyers with that of female librarians; of male athletes with that of female communications assistants. That's not a comparison between people who do the same work." With more realistic categories and definitions, the remaining 6.6 gap would certainly narrow to just a few cents at most."
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