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Manager helps woman in cardiac arrest, narcissist gets bitchy.

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  • Manager helps woman in cardiac arrest, narcissist gets bitchy.

    Manager tells of narcissistic twit for ruining NYE.

    Well, this was floating around the internet today. Glad to see the girl knocked down a few pegs.

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    Holy shit. The level of narcissism in that woman's post is beyond belief. O_o

    Kudos to the manager for telling that cunt to shut the fuck up.


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      The customer is not always right. Glad to see that shit backfire on her, but geez, could you imagine having to live with a cunt like that? I don't care how well she fucks, no pussy is worth putting up with that shit.
      Stay single and prosper!


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        Really, really self-involved. I'm okay with karmic retribution.

        What I don't like is whenever someone does something people don't like they identify her and then attack her employer until she gets fired. It's just mob justice and it really doesn't prove anything. The business isn't acting righteously if they fire someone in a situation like this. Basically you can get anyone fired if you can get ten to twenty thousand people to call their place of business. Businesses don't make a "moral" decision, they make a practical ones. They're not going to fire her or being a bitch, they're going to fire her because they don't want the headache, or because they can't foot the cost of fielding all those phone calls.

        It's a very leftist social tactic too. Destroy the earning potential of people for things that have nothing to do with that business or their professional life. Reminds me of McCarthyism.
        "...but when she goes off you, she will not just walk away, she will walk away with your fucking skin in a jar." ~~ DoctorRandomercam
        "The laws of man, they don't apply when blood gets in a woman's eye" - The Black Keys


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          Its amazing how fast being an asshole online can turn into a career/business ending ordeal. This reminds me of another ordeal where Laughing Witch, a Youtuber who went after Thunderf00t's (TF) (another youtuber) employer to get him fired based on lies (surprise surprise) ended up having her personal life, her husbands business and all his staff put under duress because of the backlash.

          People who don't understand the concept of Goodwill in business and in there personal lives go around being assholes and can discover rather quickly that the world does not tolerate assholes very well.

          I do my very best to ensure every word I post online is something I can stand behind, because sooner or later, I will have to. Its a form of honesty that the Internet creates that has barely existed in the past (except to media pundits)... and most people have not adjusted their behavior to suit.

          The women in the restaurant was trying to end the restaurants business... and in the end.. it likely ended (or really hurt) her career instead. From the photo on the website of the women, she is holding a kid... I can't see her hands so I don't know if she has a wedding band on or not.. but its possible she just fucked over her family income and everyone in that family will need to adjust.

          Public shaming is a big hammer... and the Internet just made that hammer fall fast and hard with millions reacting near instantly. People need to wake up to the reality that being an asshole online is something that is pretty much permanent.

          What she could so is apologize, try to make amends and regain Goodwill. But odds are she will just double down and try to hide. That does not work anymore. Own up to your idiocy as soon as you get enlightened