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Domestic violence strikes again but who is at fault?

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  • Domestic violence strikes again but who is at fault?

    Aw, maybe it's true love.

    So, who do you think is at fault?

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    Typical... Always arrest the one that is the "primary aggressor"...As defined by Duluth as, "The one most likely to win if the fight were allowed to continue"...

    More Man bad, woman good gynocentric government mantra....
    Ephesians 5 "Husbands, Love your wives like Christ loved the Church". (Wives, give your husbands something to love).
    "Wives, RESPECT your husbands". (Husbands, give your wives something to respect.)

    For a man does not truly feel loved unless his wife, mother, and children display respect to him.

    "From each MAN according to his abilty, to each WOMAN according to her need"... Allison Tienemann

    "Feminism is a HATE group... Feminists are HATEFUL people"... Mr. e

    "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."... Ronald Reagan


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      It's a case of "He said." "She said."


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        Exactly. lol

        But, her parents should take the blame for why their 27 yr old daughter wants to bang a 66 yr old man...They definitely failed as parents because sorry, that's just disturbing in and of itself.