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How 'dad deprivation' could be eroding modern society

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  • How 'dad deprivation' could be eroding modern society

    How 'dad deprivation' could be eroding modern society

    Boys have fallen behind in 70 developed nations

    One of the world’s most respected campaigners on men’s issues believes “dad deprivation” is directly causing what he’s termed “the boy crisis” – and unless society urgently intervenes, we will be in danger of writing off a generation of men.

    This Saturday, Warren Farrell – pioneering men’s activist, author of The Myth Of Male Power and a mentor who once coached John Lennon – will give a hugely-anticipated keynote speech at Male Psychology Conference in London.

    (Read the article for the rest)
    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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    Nice dreams...

    My mother was a single mom, and she went hours, sometimes days... and even a couple of times months to work, leaving me alone, she will talk to the neighbors and ask them to check on me. But what they can do? like If I don't come back to that house to sleep that night, what they do? report on mom when she was back home, and what she does? be happy that I still alive?

    Today it is very different, I notice, single moms usually don't let their kids to run feral on the streets, like I did. Today they will get some console game and lock the kids inside the house. In my opinion this is even worse than my childhood, no only because it will create social problems, but also mental and physical problems, for example I was reading a report the other day where they conclude that kids on single mom homes are more obese than kids with 2 parent homes. The reason is of course that mom have to work to make money, there is not dad so kids spend a lot of time alone doing nothing but siting in front of a TV eating junk food.

    Here a link to one of such reports:

    Pretty much every single study I have read on the topic point out the same situation, When there is not a father in the house, then the mother have to assume the provider role, then the kid end up without dad and without mom.

    It can be like my case, where the kid ends up feral on the streets, leave to others to "educate" him, or it can be the case that the mom is scare of ugly streets, and then keep the kid lock in an empty house with minimal human contact and interaction.

    My mom rely in a network of neighbors, family, pastime tutors (sports, painting, guitar, chess... whatever) and, what not... to compensate for the lack of supervision I had. To fill out my scheduled with the least possible amount of unsupervised time. But today this kind of network is virtually impossible to set up. First people will see the kid as a liability... what if he have an accident under my supervision? what if the mother gets mad at me and accuse of molester? What if the kid run away?... People will have to get insurance, plus an open floor room, plus more people supervising so they can be witness in case it comes necessary... some people will have bathrooms separating by ages, kids in one, adults in other, just to avoid having to be in a situation of finding themselves alone in the same room with a kid...

    All this accommodations cost money. And this cost will, in the end, be pass to the single moms that want to have their kids under the care of someone else... then you find all this complains about how expensive it is to get this child caring service... They want the government to pay for it, so basically tax people... but in the meantime they have not options, so they go to Walmart; get a $200 TV, a $350 console game and a $10 big jar of cheeseballs. 20 years latter they will remember it as: "I did the best I could".