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Woman experiences vicious sexual assault at Japanese restaurant.

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  • Woman experiences vicious sexual assault at Japanese restaurant.

    Hibachi chefs at Wasabi restaurant in Murfreesboro have used Wee Wee's antics for years to amuse diners by squirting a little H2O while they juggle their knives and sizzle up onions.

    Most people think it’s pretty funny. Isabelle Lassiter isn’t one of them.

    Lassiter, her husband, James, and their four children were seated at the hibachi table in the Japanese restaurant Tuesday night when the chef brought out Wee Wee, pulled down his plastic pants and squirted water on her.

    Hilarity did not ensue.

    Lassiter was offended. In fact, she said, she felt sexually offended. So she called the police, according to NewsChannel5 in Nashville.
    Will this war on women never end?
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    James Lassiter “stated the toy figure had a penis and his wife felt sexually assaulted.”

    This poor fuck has to live with her. He's probably so fargone he actually believes his wife was sexually assaulted. Just ain't worth their drama.
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