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Feminists Demand PM Suspend Tory MP for Men’s Rights Speech

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  • Feminists Demand PM Suspend Tory MP for Men’s Rights Speech

    Well... Yeah, they guy talked about Men Rights in public, and feminism is now demanding his head.

    Jeremy Corbyn is among the voices demanding Mr Davies be suspended from the Conservative Party for what the Labour leader called “deeply sexist” comments at a men’s rights conference. At the International Conference on Men’s Issues the Shipley MP detailed how, for the same crimes, women are much less likely to be sent to prison than men and are given shorter sentences.
    When someone talk about men issues it is "deeply sexist" but when someone talk about women issues it is "empowering"... nobody dares to say there is any inequality in there, or else feminists will destroy your live.

    In his speech on the “justice gender gap” the MP noted that despite this, feminist politicians are still calling for more lenient treatment for women offenders and, astonishingly, in doing so citing concerns about “equality”.
    Everybody knows that evil is in the dick, so women can't be real criminals.

    On Twitter, Mr Corbyn urged Theresa May to withdraw the whip on Mr Davies whose comments, the embattled Labour leader said, “are deeply sexist and show utter contempt for women”.

    Jeremy Corbyn MP ✔ @jeremycorbyn
    Comments made by Philip Davies are deeply sexist and show utter contempt for women. Theresa May should suspend him.
    Some people are just more equal than others...

    Attached to Mr Corbyn’s tweet was a quote from the shadow secretary for women and equalities on Mr Davies’ speech. Angela Rayner also called for the popular Tory MP to be suspended, and demanded an investigation be carried out.

    Ms Rayner said “there is no place for [Mr Davies’] views in modern Britain”, describing the Shipley MP’s opinions are “so outdated they are almost prehistoric”.
    Oh really? I didn't know that women are getting equal jail time for equal times in Britain now... good thing this all prehistoric and in Modern Britain the Jailtime gap does not longer exist...

    Ms Rayner, who has previously come under fire for bullying behaviour in which she “ranted” at a shop’s manager over a pair of Star Wars R2-D2 shoes and used Commons stationery to try and get the man sacked, said Mr Davies should become a “figure of fun”, mocked by “every satirist in the country”.

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: “Philip Davies comments are astonishing. The need for feminism is self-evident.”
    I need feminism because patriarchy wants me to pay for my silly shoes.

    In his 45-minute speech, Mr Davies condemned “the drive for women to have so-called equality on all the things that suit the politically correct agenda but not other things that don’t.”

    Mr Davies told the conference: “[Feminists] fight for their version of equality on all the things that suit women – but are very quick to point out that women need special protections and treatment on other things.”

    The MP blamed “militant feminists and the politically correct males” for pushing a divisive “‘equality but only when it suits’ agenda”.

    Mr Davies said: “The drive for women to have so-called equality on all the things that suit the politically correct agenda but not other things that don’t is of increasing concern to me.”
    Well I can see why feminism want to destroy the life of that guy... but what does it tell us about feminism?

    As well as citing Home Office, Ministry of Justice and House of Commons Library figures to demonstrate the justice system’s leniency to women offenders, Mr Davies highlighted other examples where women are favoured.

    Among these were “childcare resettlement licenses” which allow women to go home for weekends to spend time with their children prior to their release.
    Well because they children, they need their mothers... the fathers... no so much?

    Mr Davies referred to economist Vicki Pryce’s prison memoirs, which reveal: “The result [of childcare resettlement licenses] was, at times over the weekend the prison was less than half full. In fact what amazed me was the sheer number of people who were away most of the time.”
    Do they get a licence to go shopping for silly shoes too?

    The MP, who sits on the Commons justice committee also pointed out that despite constant media, charity and government focus on “violence against women and girls”, men are much more likely to be victims of violent crime, including murder.
    Yeah... but honestly if we want to have feminism to care abotu this, we need to explain how this affects women... for instance: "They where good marriage material".

    In November last year, Mr Davies’ suggestion that parliament use International Men’s Day to discuss problems facing men was scorned by Labour MP Jess Phillips. Mr Davies’ plea, which highlighted issues including spiraling rates of male suicide and record underachievement of boys in schools, was met with petulant eye-rolling and ridicule by the MP for Birmingham Yardley.
    Men's Day does not have a place in modern Britain, that is a prehistoric thing that should be ridicule and anybody who takes it seriously should be fired...

    Anyway here a link to the video, just to document the "misogyny":

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    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: “Philip Davies comments are astonishing. The need for feminism is self-evident.”
    That statement more than any other, really highlights the extent of the empathy gap, and lack of awareness of the extent of bigoted and sexist things that get done under the guise of feminist's search for equality.

    Like many others concerned about human rights, I thought the exclusion of men's human rights at first seemed like an oversight based on fundamentally sexist assumptions about males and females. But it becomes very 'self-evident' if you ever attempt to highlight or campaign on a issue that disproportionately affects men, like suicide and street bound homelessness, that feminists: campaigners, in the media, politicians and officials rapidly close down all attention on that issue, or at least divert attention from the impact on males.

    Recently I was supporting a campaign on homelessness, initially this went well, there was sympathy from the media, but it didn't take long for an altered narrative to emerge. Where it was claimed, that when shelters and temporary accommodation were taken into account - women were 'disproportionately' affected by homelessness. Though this information basically proved systemically assistance for homeless was targeted massively towards women and that street living was the most likely fate of males facing losing their home. It had the effect or pulling attention away from those in crisis, who were literally going to die on the streets, to the general lack of social housing that will always need to prioritise children and their primary caregiver, but then places men on the bottom rung of a progressive social stack, that once again condemns them to street living, without even a medical, disability, mental illness or addiction issue being able to raise them to equal need status of a sofa surfing woman.

    Tim Farron should check his privilege, against that of other men before deciding that men's human rights should be ignored and feminism needs to be given a sanctified status of banned from criticism or being held to account.
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    Originally posted by menrppl2
    Can't live with em, life is great without them.


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      We bash the feminist women a lot but the real anger should be with these men who sell out their fellow men. They are disgusting, degenerate filth! Lower than low. We can expect the women to behave like women but for these men there is no excuse...
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        Philip Davies MP is coming under increasing pressure and attacks for revealing government data and drawing logical conclusions from it.*There are statements made in the media and on petitions that Mr Davies votes against equality legislation, yet his speeches and voting record - all publicly available - show his support for genuine equality. The only legislation supposedly about 'equality' that he voted against has made equality worse, not better (can you guess who lost out?).

        There is no reason why only the anti-equality brigade, or those wanting to silence an elected politician for standing up for everyone in his constituency, should be the voices heard. Philip Davies deserves to be backed by signatures on a petition to show that the censors and sexists are not the only voice: personally, I think they are a minority voice, so let's prove it!

        Every signature counts. Only evil can come of good people doing nothing. Click here.


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          Sadly just goes to show that the mainstream parties in the UK have little or nothing between them on social and cultural issues, and that they seem to live in a liberal bubble in Westminster. No wonder they were so surprised when the 'little people' made the wrong choice and voted for Brexit (how dare they!).


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            Why worldwide support for a lone politician in Britain is justified

            Those outside the UK could be forgiven for thinking that these issues have little to do with them. They might sympathise with British men, or feel scorn with British 'justice' but .. so what?

            Philip Davies is a British Member of Parliament (MP). His involvement is with his consituency first, his country second. Yet the empathy gap he brings to light by exposing a gender justice gap is global.

            In the USA, for example, a detailed study by a professor uncovered that even for the worst of homicidal crimes, women will be treated with more leniency than men. I am aware of an equivalent report in France. In several Middle East and Asian countries, crimes are often specifically only possible if a male commits them and men are commonly given harsher sentences (for all that feminists concentrate in the 'unusual' female punishments); but at least they don't pretend to have a society based on 'gender equality'.

            Punishing men generally more, and harder, than women is a common feature of justice in the world. But saying so always causes problems and most politicians will not dare to step onto the subject. Even Trump, who is definitely outspoken and pretends to stand up for men (but doesn't seem bothered about VAWA) and who has talked a lot about sentence reform and justice has not - as far as I'm aware - said one word about the inequity in punishing males more than females. It is hard to imagine he is unaware of it though, given that he has shown an awareness of racial bias in sentencing. (I might be wrong about Trump, the news I get is largely condensed.)

            So gender bias in sentencing is a common problem that we all share, never mind where we live.

            But only one politician in the world is sticking his head above the parapet and talking about it. And he's willing to do so at a conference organised in part by J4MB: an opposing Party to his own!

            Wherever we are in the world, whatever our personal politics are, it is important to send a signal out that what this one politician has done is good, it is acceptable, it can get votes for other politicians if they speak out as well. We must not let the femininst/SJW/'politically correct' naysayers have the largest voice on this issue.

            Please make your voice heard by signing the petition. Then do far better by spreading the message, not just in the MRM but to all those who care about justice, politics based on facts, freedom of speech, the right of victims to justice regardless of the sex of their attacker.

            A draft message you can use to send out to your friends:

            There is a petition I have just signed to support a rare politician who actually stands up for genuine equality. He cares about men and boys as well as women and girls! He has spoken recently about the inequities in the justice system and the poor education boys are getting. He stands against sexism and inequalities and insists that policies should be based on facts, not on ideology.

            I'm sure that if you suffer at the hands of a criminal you won't care about the sex of the perpetrator: you would want the same justice. Philip Davies MP has been under attack lately by liars and sexists, so please support him and these great causes by signing the petition at