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Sheriff David Clarke on Milwaukee riots

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  • Sheriff David Clarke on Milwaukee riots

    They interview this cop about the riots, as the narrative goes on saying that the riots are caused by police brutality, so this cop have some different point of view:

    ...but look, that is not what causes riots in Milwaukee, what causes riots are fail liberal urban policies in this ghettos, like Milwaukee. Milwaukee has inescapable poverty, where they are like the sixth poorest city in America, they have failing public school, the 12k public school system here, is only 2 school systems that are worse Cleveland and Detroit. You have massive black unemployment, I think the black unemployment rate in Milwaukee is 32%, you have dysfunctional families, you have father absent homes, you have questionable lifestyle choices. Those are the ingredients for a riot, and then a police shooting comes alone and just adds and acts as an igniter to an already violent situation...

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    This man is an "Uncle Tom" according to liberals


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      One of the saddest things to me is the soft bigotry of liberalism. There are so many great conservative black voices out there and they are silenced by the media and labeled as coons or uncle toms by the "community". Because, you know, all black people have to be democrats who need more welfare programs just to stay alive... It really is BS. I have no idea how they successfully convinced Murica of their narrative.
      I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

      It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.


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        Originally posted by astr592 View Post
        This man is an "Uncle Tom" according to liberals
        That is something I don't understand about the American culture.

        For me "Uncle Tom" is clearly a racist term. So much that I am sure that it doesn't matter what I say, I will never be call "Uncle Tom" because my skin is not dark. "Uncle Tom" is also sexist, how do you call a black woman with conservative ideas?

        To put it on lefties terms: I have the white privilege of having the political ideas I want and never be call "uncle Tom".

        However the same people who do a campaign to ban calling women "bossy" are the same people that uses the most the term "uncle Tom".

        Can someone explain what is goign on the head of that people?