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Gender studies prof rips down 9/11 memorial posters

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  • Gender studies prof rips down 9/11 memorial posters

    The title says it all...

    A group of students posted some posters to remember the terrorist attacks on the the 9/11. A purple haired woman, who is a professor of Gender Studies, came around tearing the posters down.

    Here a video of the incident where Margot Lovett is seeing tearing down the posters and then explaining to the students that they can only display their memorial in a "free speech zone" after they get permission to do so:

    Margot Lovett is a professor of gender studies and the director of the College History Department.

    Saddleback college have taken down her profile from their website, giving us a 404 error page:

    But internet archives have a copy of the page:

    here the deleted content:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    History Instructor
    Social Sciences
    Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences
    Saddleback College
    Ph.D., African History, Columbia University, 1996
    M.I.A., International Affairs, Columbia University, 1984
    B.A., History and Political Science, Montclair State University, 1979

    Margot Lovett joined the faculty of Saddleback College in 1997. A social historian by training, her academic area of specialization is African History. Her research has focused on 20th century gender and labor history in an area of present-day western Tanzania. She is particularly interested in understanding how individuals in a colonial situation negotiate relations of power that cut across lines of gender, class, and generation.

    Professor Lovett currently is the Chair of the History Department. She also teaches classes in the Honors Program and in the Women's and Gender Studies department.

    "'She Thinks She's Like a Man': Marriage and (de)Constructing Gender Identity in Colonial Buha, Western Tanzania, 1943-1960," in Dorothy Hodgson and Sheryl McCurdy, eds., wicked Women and the Reconfiguration of Gender in Africa (Westport, CT: Heinemann, 2001)

    "From Sisters to Wives and 'Slaves': Redefining Matriliny and the Lives of Lakeside Tonga Women 1885-1955," Critique of Anthropology, Vol. 17, No. 2 (1997) 171-187.

    "On Power and Powerlessness: Marriage and Political Metaphor in Colonial Western Tanzania" International Journal of African Historical Studies, Vol. 27, No. 2 (1994) 273-301.

    "Gender Relations, Class Formation, and the Colonial State in Africa," in Jane Parpart and Sharon Stichter, eds., Women and the State in Africa (Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 1990) 23-46.

    Courses Taught:
    Hist 5 - World History Since 1750
    Hist/ PS 80 - Introduction to Contemporary Africa
    Anth 21 - Women, Gender, and Culture - Cross-Cultural Perspectives (team-taught with Claire Cesareo)
    HUM 10A - Culture, Science & Society I: Power, Resistance, and Empire
    HUM 10B - Culture, Science & Society II: Power, Resistance, and the Transformation of Empire
    WS 10 - Introduction to Women's Studies
    WS 31 - Gender and Popular Culture

    Awards, Grants and Fellowships
    Fulbright Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship (1989)

    MacArthur Fellowship in Peace, Conflict, and Security (1988)

    Columbia University Presidential Fellowship (1985-87)

    Columbia University Institute of African Studies Graduate Research Assistantship (1984-5)
    This Professor sent a controversial e-mail 2 days after the terrorist attacks, where she claims that the attacks are basically a desperate response of the people US have being oppressing for so many years.

    For this reason, it is suspected that her tearing down of the 9/11 memorial have more to do with her personal ideas about the attacks and not with enforcing the "free speech zones" rules on campus.

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    Talk about control issues, what is the matter with people today, this is how we are going the shape our future children, No respect for the fallen, America, and WTF is with student government.

    Purple hair is for little kids having fun at a Halloween party, not on a women that old (ridiculous).


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      Originally posted by simpleman View Post
      A purple haired woman, who is a professor of Gender Studies,
      Of course she is.

      These whackos are lucky that they can become professors and get tenure and become queen bitches of their little faculty fiefdoms. The real world sure has no damn use for 'em.
      Stay single and prosper!


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        Good... students need to know who their ideological enemy is. Collectivists just can't help themselves... there is no shortage of examples like this.

        Whereas the mythical white cis patriarchy oppressors are much harder to nail down... as are the millions of campus rapists these colleges claim exist on their campus.


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          Not to worry. I have explained why I am convinced the USA will go down within ten years. Wait! Wait!Click. Make that 9 years. Once the system goes down, these fiends will have no power at all. They will be kissing the first man they see when it gets hungry out.