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It's Worse to Be a Girl in U.S. Than Kazakhstan

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  • It's Worse to Be a Girl in U.S. Than Kazakhstan

    Propaganda article

    ps. I'm ok with US feminazis moving to Kazakhstan
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    Apparently Chinese women have long pitied western ones for having to find their own jobs, and to find their own husbands.

    Seeing what a mess they've made of both tasks, I'm starting to think they have a point.
    >>"and in other news, the Judge in the case of AVFM Vs Feminazism ruled today that the creators of 'Gender Equality' are guilty of Intent to Obtain Social Change by Deception. The Feminazi case collapsed just one day into the trial, after a 1st year medical student demonstrated that men are not, in fact, equal to women".<<

    Newbie AVFM Member, 2 days in: "My eyes, why do my eyes hurt?"

    Jaybee, cautious tone: "You've never used them before".


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      Yea, about that....

      The U.S. was hurt by relatively high rates of teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality compared to other countries in the same income bracket.
      Yea, but we have massive income inequality compared to other countries in the same income bracket; you can't just look at per capita income and say, "These two countries are comparable." Not when one country has twice the MEDIAN income of the other.

      Incidentally, the South is what is killing the country in those rankings; 150 years after the Civil War, the Southeast United States has a far higher poverty rate, leading to: Lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, more teen pregnancy, more crime...

      Of course Kazakhstan beats us by that measure! They're a former Soviet state with a functioning mixed capitalist-socialist economy, and abundant natural resources.

      What the statistics really tell you is that it's better to be a POOR WOMAN in Kazakhstan than a POOR WOMAN in the United States, but that's true for POOR MEN, as well. Naturally, it's better to be a rich person in the U.S. than almost anything else (Queen of Denmark , maybe?).