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The Red Pill coming to Edmonton, Alberta

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  • The Red Pill coming to Edmonton, Alberta

    Edmonton, Canada on Oct. 27, 2016

    Screening at the Shaw Theatre (NAIT) on Oct. 27 at 7 PM. For tickets and inquiries contact: [email protected]


    I really hope it comes to Victoria soon...
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    café and Ontario are noticeably absent on the list
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      The Red Pill coming to Edmonton, Alberta
      Let's just hope they can show the film before Comrade Notley or Princess Justin finds out about it...

      (IMDB has only five reviews so far but rates it at 9.2 )
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        I'll be there.


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          Glad to see it wasn't a feminist hit job. Guess I shouldn't have been so skeptical after all.
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            I saw The Red Pill by Cassie Jay last night in Edmonton. It was the Canadian premier.

            It was shown at NAIT, which is a technical college in Edmonton, at the Shaw student theatre. I arrived early, there were no apparent protesters, just the slight uneasiness of uncertain alliances. Nobody going to this movie was going there for the simple entertainment value.. no one standing in line was going to see a romantic comedy or thriller.. this is not a date-night movie. The atmosphere was light, but not entirely light. There was a seriousness, but still friendly.

            The chatter outside the theatre contained enough Red Pill slang and terminology that a fellow Red Pill person would recognise. The Rebel Media (Sheila Gunn) was there, as was Karen Straughan (GWW), Alison Tieman (TyphonBlue), Brian Martinez (Honey Badger Producer), Mike Stephenson(DoctorRandomerCam) and Nick Reading (Men's Rights Edmonton).

            The audience was about 30% women, 70% men, of all ages. Grandma's, Grandpa's, Mom's, Dads, College Men and Women (including a pregnant women). I ran into an old acquaintance I knew about twenty years ago, from a different hobby interest I no longer participate in. We had a good conversation and discovered we had a lot of cross-over in our Red Pill journey.

            In fact, I would venture a guess that pretty much everyone attending with me had at least some exposure to the Red Pill. A familiar look in their faces... the look of people on a similar journey.

            The film itself was.. at times.. very hard to watch... at times funny.. at times I could hear everyone bite their tongues.. at other times spitting out in disgust.

            Cassie Jay pieced together something marvellous... serious as hell... heartbreaking at times... she captured the struggle of everyone in that theatre in their Red Pill Journey.

            She also did something brilliant... she let the hypocrites tie themselves in knots. She gave them a platform.. and put a camera on them.. asked them a question.. and let them expose themselves of their own free will.

            The hard parts were not so much the feminist interviews.. it was the realisation of just how deep, how buried, the Red Pill perspective really is in the world. There is a desperation, and a hope.. but the struggle was the underlying connection from start to finish of this film.

            Oh... and what a relief this film must be to people like Paul Elam and Tom Golden and Warren Farrell. Decades of struggling to say what this film is saying coming to life in a sceptical yet honest format.. and delivered unapologetic-ally to the world at large.

            What struck me the most, as I sat there at the end of the film, was that the film existed at all. This film is not good news to feminists.. as it gets out it will shake the very foundations of the narratives they claim to be supporting. The Red Pill Movie is a direct threat to the people who profit from the feminist narrative.

            So expect this film to see resistance like no other. Expect this film to be ignored as long as possible... then Cassie will be slandered, portrayed as a sell-out, a liar... the typical feminist hysterical reactions.

            I was both overjoyed yet deeply sad. This emotional roller-coaster of being happy for the existence of this little piece of truth in film compared to the massive task of having to coax the world to break from the hypnosis of the mainstream entertainment/programming to face something a lot of them don't want to face.

            That said, it needs to get done. At the end of the film the audiences questions surrounded how to get this film out there, and others like it.

            Every human on earth should see this. This is one of those films that is so timely, so vital, so critical to the progress of our civilisation that it needs to get as much exposure as possible.

            If you can manage to find a showing that is within travel range.. make the investment, you won't regret the experience.


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              great review iggy, i cant wait to see it.
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