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Female singer live tweets 'being groped by a man on her flight'

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    Originally posted by Deidre View Post
    It's so strange reading articles like this, in that an everyday situation that many women deal with, could escalate into what this chick in the article is doing. Now, there are some seriously out of line assholes at bars, that a simple ''stop touching me,'' won't suffice, and someone else has stepped in, but for the most part, if I've ever been in a situation where a guy grabs at me, etc...I've had no issues telling him to stop, and that usually works. When I read articles like this, first thing that comes to mind is what is the real motive behind this woman doing this? And since she's a ''singer'' (albeit an unpopular one) - she's using this as a publicity boost. It's sick, but until people stop letting fools like this get away with these things, it will keep happening.
    I don't know about you but a grown woman with flower bows in her hair kind of sets off alarm bells for me. Lol

    Publicity boost is possible for sure but I'm more under the impression that she isn"t all too popular and that this is a way for her to 'up' her desirability/SMV. You know, kind of the "I'm so pretty guys can't leave me alone" thing.


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      Originally posted by Berne View Post
      I don't know about you but a grown woman with flower bows in her hair kind of sets off alarm bells for me. Lol
      haha!! Yes, I thought this too.

      Publicity boost is possible for sure but I'm more under the impression that she isn"t all too popular and that this is a way for her to 'up' her desirability/SMV. You know, kind of the "I'm so pretty guys can't leave me alone" thing.
      Exactly. I went to her website, and um...yea. lol Her story vaguely reminds me of when Lady Gaga came out last year(?) claiming she was raped, but never told anyone. Not saying she wasn't raped, but it was interesting timing for her public confession considering that her career hasn't been soaring like it once was.

      And while it's funny on the surface, it's sad, because often times, men's lives are being ruined over false or exaggerated accusations.


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        This type of thing is just petty vigilante justice by self righteous women who crave attention.
        Last week it was some lady in Australia who tried to shame an overly friendly developmentally handicapped man, the week before that it was someone else.
        “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
        ― Pythagoras


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          I suspect this type of thing will only become more frequent if/when Hilary Clinton becomes President. :/


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            Originally posted by Berne View Post
            That's exactly what my mother taught me when I was a girl. I guess it's not enough for some women that they can defend themselves by proxy with such a simple sentence.

            I've been catcalled, touched and groped etc many times like many women. You just learn how to put those assholes in an embarrassing corner. For every asshole that gropes you there are 50 men standing up to defend you.
            While this remains largely true, the whole protection by proxy thing breaks down when the terms of the social contract it's built on are violated.

            'Man jumps in to protect any woman in need' is a social contract that has (or should have) certain conditions -

            'Woman doesn't abuse that contract by starting shit and expecting random male strangers to finish it for her'
            'Women doesn't go out looking for trouble'
            'Women doesn't take advantage or men and exploit them or deliberately give mixed messages while extracting capital'

            Feminism has promoted the idea of ZERO accountability on the woman's part, nothing she says or does can ever be deemed as a contributing factor to anything negative she might experience. And this notion makes a great big mess of traditional social contracts that bind us.

            It's a very confused culture where men are expected to respect women 'as equals' who 'don't need a man' accept when they suddenly say they do at which point men are supposed to jump to attention no questions asked.

            Only men who have been around the block a couple of times wake up to the fact that women are abusing this contract left and right. They are treating the traditional contract of protection as an excuse to say and do whatever they like behave however to whomever and then as soon as anything blows up in their face simply point to the offending male schriek about being assaulted or feeling violated or triggered and watch the white-knight lynch mob descend.

            It might allow her to get her way in the short term, but in the long term it destroy the fabric of a protective community. It's like the boy who cried wolf story. Men learn to be cautious in jumping in to help women signally that they are in need when they get burned.

            And the only people that harms ultimately is women signaling distress because they ARE in genuine need.

            Originally posted by Berne View Post
            The only thing my mother doesn't understand -because she never experienced it- is that when you're surrounded by a gang of 5 muslim youth thugs, this sentence is not gonna save you and that you'll have to learn to avoid them or you will get slapped or punched. And that slapping or punching back will only ensure they come back with all their cousins the next day.
            There is an inherent tribalism to Islamic culture specifically that a lot of people in North America don't understand. Muslims are part of a global brotherhood. That means in fighting terms they all generally have 'back up' most of the time and don't tend to start shit with anyone else's women until and unless they are in a pack.

            That means unless you got your pack to match theirs you aren't 'protecting' anyone.

            Their culture is kinda based on the idea that each flock keeps it's respective rank and file in check. But then you have this culture clash where their culture teaches them to regard western women with nothing but contempt and western women typically in big European cities live in cultures where the sense of community and community identity has been eroded away through a combination of feminism (I don't need a man blah blah blah) and the demonization of nationalism orchestrated from the shadows in the name of promoting a uniformed neo-liberal global culture...EU, Merkel etc etc.

            The horrifying reality is that these various complex factors and forces conspire to ensure that white western women are often essentially sitting ducks in the face of REAL and GENUINE sexual predators at the same time as innocent (typically white) western men are increasingly facing demonization shaming and in worst case criminal charges for perfectly normal heterosexual behavior.

            It's this fucked up situation where it's simultaneously made easier both for GENUINE sexual predators to prey on women AND for DISINGENUOUS female faux-victims to level criminal charges against innocent or essentially harmless men.

            There will of course be a tipping point.

            It will take a whole lot more immigration from Islamic cultures and a whole lot more young western women being legitimate attacked and raped but the tide will turn. Western women will realize how vulnerable feminist culture and ideology has left them to genuine attacks in complex multicultural modern western societies. And they will see their brothers or sons fall victim to absurd trumped up faux sexual misconduct charges leveled by ridiculous entitled protect middle class white women like the 'singer' in the OP and they will wise up to the fact that it's all gone very wrong indeed.
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