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Having a baby boy puts more stress on the body:

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  • Having a baby boy puts more stress on the body:

    Having a baby boy puts more stress on the body:
    Chemicals from infants that lead to inflammation in mothers are much higher in males

    Appears to be legitimate research

    The author:

    Real or not, wacko feminists are defiantly going to try and make hay with this.

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    Feminists already endorse the mass murder of the unborn due to the discomfort of the mother. Quite literally, an allowable exception for even later term abortions is the mothers 'anxiety'.

    Thousands of abortions will happen today in the world. Almost all of them have nothing to do what so ever about the health of the child or danger to the mother's life.

    Women still are the historical all time record holders of killing humans.. be that in nice neat surgical procedures or throwing newborns into the nearest river. We think humans die mostly in war or starvation or disease. Nope... thousands of them die every day at the discretion of women.

    And I am forced to pay for it by the state, and so are you.

    Women don't need a reason to kill more baby boys. "Women", as a group... assuming you can morally group women by the same standards that morally groups men under "patriarchy"... actively and consciously end the lives of human beings better than any Zombie Apocalypse movie director's wet dream.

    But remember, women are unaccountable... and some women were raped... and some women were forced to have babies... and some women don't have or know about contraceptives... and some women don't have the funds to raise a child.

    But even if they were not raped, not forced, had access to contraceptives and had the funds to raise a kid... still far too many women still chose to Abort because it was a 'mistake'.

    And men have zero to say about it.. or the get put in jail by the state.

    The Origins of War in Child Abuse

    Have a vomit bucket nearby.