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    Westerners are not having enough kids so the Lefties import more immigrants to increase their voter base and make up the difference. We've seen this in Europe and it's happening here now too!

    John McCallum sets new base immigration target at 300,000 a year
    The Liberal government is boosting the base number of immigrants who will be allowed into Canada next year to 300,000, to help drive economic growth as the country grapples with an aging demographic.

    I guess us MGTOWs are going to have to wear some of the blame for this...

    (OTOH it should be interesting seeing how the non-Westerners are going to cope with Western feminism and our family laws. You just can't throw acid in you wife's face and call it a divorce.)
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    "The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market of ideas" George F. Kennan