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Starbucks pledges to hire thousands of refugees in response to Trump

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  • Starbucks pledges to hire thousands of refugees in response to Trump

    Coming in about a month... hundreds of thousands dead and millions critically injured in Starbucks restaurants in 75 countries around the world. Surviving eyewitness accounts report seeing male Asian looking Starbucks employees ripping off their outer clothing, screaming "Allaahu Akbar!" before detonating explosive devices which were strapped around their chests. Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks further went on to reassure his viewers that these unfortunate, tragic incidents had nothing to do with Islaam. See the full story here.
    When a woman says to a man 'IF you really love me you would (INSERT VERB HERE)... 'IF you really love me you should buy/give/take/do X, Y, Z'... That's using...that's testing. And my answer to that is always; 'IF you loved me you wouldn't have asked that fucking question, now pack your shit and get the fuck out of my house.' - Maxx

    Asking a feminist about men's rights is like asking a cattle rancher about veganism.

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    The Starbucks guy gave a speech in which he invoked the AMERICAN DREAM. I think he refers to the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE which the left has given us by fifty years of bullying. Our cities are a mess. True male unemployment rate seems to be over 20%. The average first-time bride has already had sex with 11 men. Schools are so hostile to males that not many continue their education. The divorce rate is over 40%. We have well over a million abortions a year. Male suicide rate is obscene. Women openly advocate killing 90% of all males on the planet, far beyond Hitler's sickest pogroms.

    Starbucks guy, you can put your AMERICAN DREAM where the sun don't shine.