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Trump's New Israel Policy

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  • Trump's New Israel Policy

    So, Trump's not "wedded" to the two state solution. Interesting.

    Not that I'm opposed, but here's the sticking point: Right of return. With 5 million Palestinians outside of Israel/Palestine, and at least some of them, presumably, wanting to go home, that will increase the non-Jewish population of the single state into a majority.

    The Zionist vision of all diaspora Jews returning to Israel never happened, and unless true anti-Semitism takes hold outside of Ukraine (who for some-odd reason were connected to the Israelis...!), that isn't going to change.

    Let's see where it goes

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    I think Trump's "strategy" is to give Israel carte blanch to do whatever it wants.

    The Likuds will use that to pursue ethnic cleansing as their "one state solution."


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      You say that, but his comments on settlements were guarded, he's backed off from moving the embassy to Jerusalem, and now he's undermining the Zionist "two state solution" fig leaf and exposing the fact that the Israelis never intended to give any of the land back!

      I'm starting to like the cut of this man's gibberish