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Kathy Griffin Loses All Of Her ShowS

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  • Kathy Griffin Loses All Of Her ShowS

    D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin is done.

    Kathy Griffin Loses All Of Her Shows, Sponsors, & CNN Job After Trump-Beheading Stunt.....


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    Originally posted by joeyd View Post
    D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin is done.

    Kathy Griffin Loses All Of Her Shows, Sponsors, & CNN Job After Trump-Beheading Stunt.....


    I like your cartoon. That's funny ;-)
    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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      New job


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        Here in Mexico we only get two major news channels by satellite, at the rates I want to pay. Foro-TV and Fox News.

        The other day my wife had on Fox news because they moved ForoTV and she couldn't remember the new channel. There were people there discussing this case, and they were offended, it was only a joke. Tucker whatsisname didn't seem to take that too well.

        How would they take it if we put a beheaded Hilary or Obama thing up? Probably not very well.

        As I wrote recently, there are two types of people politically. Those who long for what society could be, even if it never works that way, and those who want reality. The Commies almost won in recent years. They got so used to winning they began to believe no sane person could ever disagree with them on trans; same-sex marriages; socialism; female supremacy; the global warming hoax; and all the usual trash they push. Enough people finally had a choice in the election which seemed to promise a backlash, and took it.

        The liberals viewed it and still view it as signs of mental illness, to be stopped by any means whatever. And, saw nothing wrong with that fake head thing. Nor do they see anything wrong with 24/7 fake news about Trump.

        It has been noted that when 5% of the citizens refuse to be governed, the society will shut down. A lot more than 5% of US citizens voted for Trump, the same folks that own most of the firearms in private hands in the USA. Beware violence and trying to take the elected president out. You still have to deal with the folks who elected him, and they are armed and dangerous when angry.


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          Wasn't Even Funny

          One would expect this much from the so-called representatives of the "tolerant" left such as the case with Griffin, just as much as one would expect the unjustified protection they automatically receive from a mainly liberal media, protected by wealthy lobbyists.

          Reminds me of that time ultra feminist extremist Sandra Bernhard threatened Sarah Palin with "gang rape" on stage yet received little to no backlash over her extremely ugly words. What's worse is that the reason for Bernhard's hateful stand up routine was protecting women from rape; hypocrisy at its best.

          Women like Griffin, and Bernhard, are proof that their actions have nothing to do with the rights they proclaim they protect but with extremism and hate, which leads many people like Bernhard to encourage harm against any woman who dares to have an opinion of her own or disagree.

          If women only knew how hateful such self-proclaimed activists are towards them, they would be the first in line to protest. For many prominent liberals, their "activism" is only a front and has nothing to do with human rights of any kind but of preserving their image as "human rights activists," falsely so of course.