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Bill C-16/gender reassignment laws get passed in Canada!

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  • Bill C-16/gender reassignment laws get passed in Canada!

    OK, this is a few weeks out of date but I literally just came across this a few minutes ago and haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else here. Not only has the infamous Bill C-16, the bill which allowed Lauren Southern to "become a man" and REQUIRES people to use people's preferred gender pronouns, has passed with barely a peep from anyone, but another law was passed which REQUIRES parents to gender reassign their kids, regardless of age, merely at the kid's say so. If they fail to do so then the kid's school can get it done WITHOUT the parent's consent and there's a risk that the government will take the kids! To all Canadians here: as much as I'm loathe to say this, I think it's finally time to start stocking up on guns and ammo. At this rate, Canuckistan can't be too far away.

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    I'm waiting to see if they ever force it on a girl who wants to be a boy.
    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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      Virtue Signalling is the entirety of the Canadian Law system at this time. If someone has hurt feelings, you can create a law to imprison someone else for letting that happen.

      There is no free speech in Canada.. never has been.. it is just lip service when the courts have final say.


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        Well, time for a sperm strike in Canada; there's simply no sense in having kids in this country anymore. Any young man who's got any brains at all will move abroad in his early 20s and start a completely new life elsewhere and never look back!

        As for Motion 103, it's not law yet, but it very well could be next year, in which case we'll begin to see lawsuits defending female genital mutilation, as what's happening now in the US; although I don't expect FGM to become legal in the US, who knows what could happen here in Canada if such a lawsuit were initiated.

        There is hope, though, because a Supreme Court case a few years ago shot down the "freedom of religion" basis for polygamy in Canada; however, those people were white locals and not Muslim migrants, who everybody seems to be bending over backwards for these days, their gaping anuses lined up neatly in a row, eagerly awaiting their fucking over by Muhammad.
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