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Gunman Opens Fire on GOP baseball practice

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  • Gunman Opens Fire on GOP baseball practice

    A gunman opened fire during an early morning baseball practice for Republican members of Congress on Wednesday, reportedly firing dozens of shots at a field in Alexandria, Va. At least five people were wounded, including Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

    "Suspect is in custody and not a threat," the Alexandria Police Department tweeted. Police initially tweeted that the suspect was among five people transported to the hospital, though Police Chief Michael Brown later refused to confirm that. Members of the U.S. Capitol Police were also wounded.
    Sounds like it was likely politically motivated but not a ton of details about the shooter yet.

    Cue a parade of people claiming it's okay to claim people are Nazis and then shoot them.
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    It's been open season on republicans for a long time, this violent action was as predictable as the sun rising in the East. You cannot keep stoking false threat narrative hysteria without agitating people into violent action. The would-be-murder in this case views himself as a savior, a protector, a guardian of the weak against the great evils shown on his television day in and day out. He will view his attempted murder as a form of self defense. After all, Trump and his party colluded with Russians, grab women by the pussy, and are trying to kill off people dependent on government health care. Trump and the GOP are the evil bad guys you see in movies.. the Hail Hydra's... the Nazi's... because almost every single mainstream media and hollywood star outlet has claimed them to be.

    False threat narratives are built for this very specific reason.. to allow people to justify their violent action against their ideological opponents.

    Of course.. this will be spun into anti-gun rhetoric... or white nationalism rhetoric... or some other form of deflection to justify the violent action of a democratic ideologue supporter.

    Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim with Offender... DARVO.


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      Yeah, this is what happens when mass media is used to delegitimize a legally elected President, one who has not, up to this point, been proven to have committed any crime whatsoever. The Leftist media and its individual mouthpieces should be held accountable, as their actions are coming very close to sedition.

      This is quite serious, as a fervent supporter of a major political party has violently attacked members of the other. If such an act of politically partisan violence should occur again, along the same party lines, this might give all the excuse he needs for Trump to declare martial law. The Left should not be poking this bear; they are certain to be crushed in any insurrection by a military which supports Trump to the tune of 2/3 of its membership.

      Why can't the Left/mass media/Democrats just wait until the next election, organizing and rallying in the meantime? Their actions appear highly anti-democratic to a world which once looked up to America as a beacon of democracy.
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        Terrorist acts are an act of impatience, as I wrote earlier today. I studied violent protest during my militant activist years, and finally rejected it because if your cause is just, it will happen. If only violence is available, your cause is probably not just.

        If Muslim terrorists are correct about the evil white hetero male, all they have to do is eschew violence and the Christian societies will go into total melt down without all the murders.

        Um, wait a minute.


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          I don't think it's terrorism; terrorists mean to instill fear within the general public. This was a targeted attack against the ruling party, incited by The Left. It's time to start charging people with sedition.
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