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‘Is there a man I can talk to?’: Stories of sexism at work

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    Originally posted by polite_disagreement View Post
    Having implemented my own GTHO program in 1997, my life is very positive. I tell anyone who will listen that this village is my personal paradise.

    The best thing about it is that it brings out the best in me. In my annual Returns to Hell, the US brings out the worst in me.

    I suspect from communicating with other expat men that most men find the same thing when they do their GTHO program. Most couples who move to Mexico return within 2 years. Men alone almost never do.
    This is true from my experience so far. My mind has calmed itself down when I'm here and when I return to Canada to mop up the details of my former life I can feel my heart sink as soon as I'm standing in line waiting to go through immigration.

    And yes, there are a number of Gringos who live here, most single men end up buying a bit of land or a small house in town. Couples usually end up bickering and returning home. I think single men are motivated by different reasons than couples are. I know of a couple who bought a little island here and started building their dream home. She disappeared to Costa Rica and then to Colombia to "discover herself" and returned with a nose piercing, a couple of tattoos, and perhaps some memories she wouldn't want to share with her husband. The dream was over for him at that point.
    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    ― Pythagoras


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      I can tell you why men stay and women leave. In the USA, women are goddesses. Whatever Lola wants; Lola gets. She wants a divorce and alimony and the kids; she gets them.

      In Mexico, she is nothing special. She commits adultery and wants a divorce and large amounts of property and alimony, she gets nothing. She wants her husband in jail in the USA, she calls 911 and he goes to jail. In Mexico, they will actually loo for injury and if he has them, she goes to jail.

      Women who file false sex abuse charges are asked the hard questions. Why were you naked in his bed? Why did you accompany him in his car to the woods at night? And, if she can't give good answers, he walks.

      So, of course, most women don't want to live in Mexico. And, that includes legals and illegals living in the USA. They know in Mexico, they have to work, and in the USA,they have machines for everything.


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        whats this GTHO and how do I get me some?
        A man can gain no more respect than by, laying down his life for a woman. And a woman, no more than by, beating down a man. For a man to ask, what is fair and good and true and just, is to offend.


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          polite / dubs / malcolm.

          very good posts

          i agree with dee on that post being beautiful. but women all over have low self esteem.

          even through the entitlement women in western culture have brutally low self esteem.

          that said. i am leaving shortly.. and i think that polite is right on the why the women come back.
          find a woman who isnt used to getting everything all the time..and its the first step to a nawalt i guess.
          Originally posted by MatrixTransform
          where were you before you put yourself last?
          Originally posted by TheNarrator
          Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.


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            Originally posted by menrppl2 View Post
            whats this GTHO and how do I get me some?
            Get a nice globe or world map. Locate all countries which speak English. USA; England; Canada; New Zealand; Australia; Belize; Falkland Islands; maybe some I have forgotten. DON'T GO THERE!!! Their legal systems are all based on English law and culture.

            The reason to consider Mexico is because it's close, and almost everything you are used to having or using is available there. American men are known in Mexico to be good 'husband's.

            Another reason is in Mexico Free Union is very common. but, do not confuse it with shacking up. Think of it as private marriage. People in the uSA who shack up do not consider themselves as married. In Mexico they do. My wife had an aunt and uncle who were privately married for 72 years. A friend said half the couples she knows here are privately married. The local hospital has instructions on the wall for those couples.

            Mexico does allow temporary residence with low income levels, based on the consulate you apply at. Laredo is one known to give TR as low as $1000/month income.

            However, there are other countries as well which men have found to be suitable.

            There are two principal reasons men do not expat. First, is lack of income to support them. Second, fear of the unknown. My fat-a** son-in-law accused me of cowardice for leaving, after over 20 years of usually public activism. All he ever did was go to Washington once and cower in the midst of a couple hundred thousand protesters. It takes more courage to expat than to stay in the USA. But, your life is so much better. I call my village my personal paradise, and I want to live here until I die and have my bones rest for all eternity with my wife's ancestors and descendants.

            A good start is to take a short visit to Guadalajara, Mexico. It is the most popular destination for expats, so it should be easiest to adapt there. And, if you are a good man, not a drunk, nor a panderer, SHE WILL FIND YOU! But, don't settle for the first woman to approach. You have no idea how hot Nice Guys are in Mexico!

            If you want a book on expatting in Mexico, try CHOOSE MEXICO.